Internship at Dropbox – A Wonderful Way to Kickstart Your Career

Engineering Internship at Dropbox

Ever since its inception 10 years ago, Dropbox has changed the way people work together and collaborate. From small businesses to large enterprises as well as individual users, Dropbox has more than 500 million registered user across the world. The technical giant wants to make a difference the way we collaborate and have been successfully doing so.

Similarly, Dropbox also wants to make a difference in students’ life looking for technical experience. Nowadays, when most companies ask for technical expertise even for internship, Dropbox has launched ‘The Dropbox Launch Program’

The Dropbox Launch Program

It is a technical internship program by Dropbox aimed at giving students their first internship experience and helping then kick-start their professional career. When most big companies follow a long hiring process and expect the interns to have a coding experience, no prior experience is required to join this internship. The Dropbox Launch program is not restricted to IT and Computer Science background. In fact, students from any and every stream can apply for the internship.

In addition to this, Dropbox has also launched many Engineering Internship Programs. Most of the internship programs by Dropbox last for a period of 3 months. You will experience a high growth chart as you will be matched with a high-impact project and assigned a personal technical mentor who will guide you throughout the internship.

Even when working as an intern with Dropbox, you will tackle the same technical challenges that full-time engineers at Dropbox handle on a daily basis. You will be given a responsibility to handle and proper support to ensure you are able to handle it properly. In addition, you will get numerous opportunities to attend office talks, workshops & panels with top industry leader

How to Apply

Working at Dropbox, San Francisco

The application process for an internship at Dropbox is similar to other companies. Referral works the best, especially if you are related to someone already working there. You can also apply through the Dropbox company page. Unlike other companies, online application at Dropbox actually works. If you have an interesting profile, you might get an interview call soon after.

The interview is a two-step process- a telephonic interview followed by a Face to Face interview where you will be asked questions to test your technical skills as well as analytical reasoning. The questions won’t be easy though and you need to have your basics clear.


You must be a student of 4 year’s bachelor's program with minimum 18 years of age. A working knowledge of Python or other Object-oriented programming language will work in your favour.

Dropbox is a welcoming place for one and all. With its various support groups like Asians at Dropbox, Women at Dropbox, BlackDropboxers, etc, you can be rest assured to receive the best environment and support from amazing people.

With so much to offer, Dropbox is clearly the best place to intern and kickstart your career in.

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