Best 5 Internship Tips for BBA and BMS students

Getting into a good business college is just the beginning of your management career. To survive the cut-throat competition in the BBA/BMS field you will have to put in extra effort and gain additional industry experience. One thing that can help you gain an edge over other students is an internship. Internship is especially important for management courses as it enhances your people’s skill and give you exposure to real-world problems making you industry ready.

Here are top 5 internship tips for BBA/BMS Students:

Make Your Basic Concepts Clear

While thousands of students pass-out with a management degree every year, only the selected few are able to make it big in the corporate world. In order to understand the crux of the management course and get yourself job-ready, it is important to have your basic concepts clear. Especially in the field of accounting and finance. In a job where the majority of work is done through excel sheets, this certainly is going to help you get noticed and grab those lucrative internship opportunities in your dream company.

Do You Want to Pursue MBA?

If you have made up your mind to pursue MBA post your bachelor’s degree, focus on getting an internship in a related field. For example, if you are looking to pursue an MBA degree in finance, opt for an internship where the job responsibility revolves around the nitty-gritty of finance management. This will help you deal with real experiences and take a step ahead towards your career goal.

If you want to have some real work experience, opt for a private sector organization (preferably a start-up), as there you will get to work on real projects with lots of hands-on learning.

Enrol in Short Courses or Certifications

Short Courses and Training for students

Although most intern applicants are assumed to be inexperienced, having skills related to your subject of study is definitely going to make your profile strong. Take up short-term courses and certification in related subject of study, such as finance courses, digital marketing courses, e-commerce courses, etc. These courses will also help you learn about different subjects and evaluate if you really liked any particular area of study. This comes really handy when choosing the majors for MBA.

Read As Much As You Can

Read as much as you can

As a future manager or businessman, make it a habit to read newspapers and business magazines daily. Read novels (you can skip the cheeky love-stories if you wish to) and autobiographies of successful entrepreneurs. If you are too busy, just read a page or two every day. This will not only broaden up your knowledge but will also motivate you to work harder.

Work on Your Personality

No matter how good your CV is, you cannot get through the internship interview without a good personality. Management requires you to be able to sell and the journey begins with selling ‘yourself’, which requires one to be presentable. Work on your communication skills, develop a positive attitude, improve your body language and focus on becoming a better person. Nothing screams ‘good management skills’ better than a charming personality and mesmerising communication skills.

And once you land a good internship, grab every opportunity coming your way to make the most of it. Ask questions, complete assignments, ask for feedback, make mistakes and learn from it.

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