Post NTAT Results - Here's What You Need To Know

So, you appeared for the NTAT and have fared well. Congratulations! You have taken a step ahead towards getting your first-hand industry experience. By appearing for an examination of this kind, you’ve not only gained a first-hand exposure in handling work-related situational questions popularly asked during corporate evaluation (also known as ‘placement exams’), but also now have an understanding about pattern/structure of questionnaire, the difference b/w typical academic exams and industry screenings, and most importantly how your next preparations should be, specially if you’re aiming to clear all the placement exams with flying colours.

NTAT Chennai Anna University

And now that there is still some time to go before the results are declared, you must be wondering what’s next. What more you can do to find the most appropriate projects in your preferred areas.

Finding an internship needs a combination of ‘finding the right internship opportunities’ and ‘preparing yourself well to grab those opportunities’. While the former is being taken care of at Switchidea, let us understand what you can do to make yourself internship-ready.

Complete Your Profile on Switchidea

After the NTAT results are declared, your profile will be created on Switchidea. You will receive the username and password to your registered email address. You must login to your Switchidea account and complete your profile with all the needed information. Remember, your profile must be completed within 7 days for your NTAT score and certificate to be tagged to your Switchidea profile. Employers will screen you based on your Switchidea profile details (your location preference, preferred domains, availability for internship and your NTAT score.

Completing your profile is an important step considering the fact that candidates with the good NTAT score are given preference by employers as compared to those without NTAT (Know more: Comparison: NTAT Certified Students And Non-NTAT Certified Students). So yes, complete your Switchidea profile as soon as you can.

Important Tip: Let say if you are available from 1st of May so you should put the availability date as 20th April and start applying to internships. This will help you in getting internship by the time your vacation starts and you won't be wasting any time of your vacation in applying for internships.

Go through the companies which are presently hiring

Once you complete your profile fully, go to 'Find Internships' page and you'll see the list of all the active internship positions listed by employers. Use the appropriate filters (from left sidebar) and you'll the see the list of companies who fit the criteria.

Now, before you proceed further and apply to these internships, you should first visit the websites of the companies you are interested in and start gathering information about them. See their services or products listed on their websites, read about the management (on 'About Us' page) and try to grasp the vision of their organisation. Alternatively, you can also know about their acceptance rate, their average intake, and their strong points on websites like Glassdoor, AmbitionBox, etc. Then filter the list of companies and review their requirements.

At a minimum, most organisations will require you to submit your Cover Letter, provide letters of recommendation (if any) and an updated resume. You might also need to take the print-out of your NTAT certificate available in the Resources Page of your Switch Idea account. Your NTAT certificate is very important. It is recommended to take a print out of it and then laminate the hardcopy of the certificate, so it is now convenient to carry during all your f2f meetings with employers, so this is the time to start getting your presentation skills on place and enhance your approach towards these positions.

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