How Do You Get an Internship at Qualcomm?

Qualcomm Internship

Qualcomm is one of the biggest producers of processors and telecommunications equipment in the world. The multinational company also designs and markets wireless telecommunications products and services across different industries. Most of Qualcomm's revenue comes from its chipmaking business and royalties from patent licensing. If you are from Computer Science or Electronics & Communications stream of engineering, you might be surprised to know that Qualcomm was listed in Top Companies with Highest Paid Internships in India. It is also one of the pioneering brands that commercialised wireless cellular communications.

Internship programmes at Qualcomm are completely project based and provide an in-depth technical exposure to interns during their internship tenure. Post internship, interns are evaluated for full time positions based on their individual performances. During the internship period, the company often arranges social outings for its interns and conducts in-house competitions where interns are grouped into multiple teams in order to work on their entrepreneurial ideas. Overall the work culture at Qualcomm is

excellent as there are no fixed work timings (even for interns) and that interns can seek help from their seniors anytime of the day. Moreover, the internship further magnifies the student's understanding about industry requirements and education as an engineer.

Interns at Qualcomm


Qualcomm looks for candidates with prior technical experience and skills in coding and electronics. If you are a student of the aforementioned streams or an enthusiast with the right set of skills, you can apply for an internship at Qualcomm. The interns at Qualcomm are expected to adapt to latest technologies available in the telecommunications industry.

Work Culture at Qualcomm

The interns at Qualcomm are assigned teams based on the resumes and projects undertaken previously. While interns get a chance to work on cutting-edge technology, the seniors encourage interns to come up with their own contributions and inputs that change the world. The mentors and managers are said to be very helpful and provide you with the necessary tools to complete assigned projects.

The company boasts a dedicated workforce and an environment that helps both the people and the inventions thrive. They also host events like “Ideaquest”, the flagship event for the interns where teams of 4 to 5 interns work on their own ideas and combined voting by the employees and judges decides the winner.

Internship Locations

There are three sites in India where you can intern at Qualcomm; Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT) and Research and Development teams call Bangalore home. Hyderabad is home to the Global Information Technology Centre as well as engineering teams across many functions. Chennai is home to Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QCA), which provides an array of networking solutions optimized for the digital media.

Application Process

The internship application can be submitted online on the careers section of the official Qualcomm website. You can also land an internship through referrals and through on-campus recruitment. The process may vary based on the path you approach for application. As part of three stage recruitment process there is an online test, technical interview and HR interview. The interviews maybe telephonic or in person depending on the location. The details of the test and the application process are clearly mentioned in the careers section of the Qualcomm website. Preparation is paramount for any such interviews and assessments.

Why do your internship at Qualcomm?

Working at Qualcomm may be the closest you’ll get to experiencing time travel. For the last two decades, they’ve been creating mobile technologies to help connect people around the world and bring the future here faster. At Qualcomm, you won’t be simply working at a lab or a corner cubicle, or write lines of code, but your work will be an integral part of what’s next for mobility and the world.

Secret Tips to get your internship at Qualcomm

During the application process, students get a choice to opt for any one section between: Electronics (Hardware profile) and Computer Science (Software profile). Though it’s not necessary that the choice of your section will determine the location of your internship, so make sure that you choose only that section in which you can score more. PS: Still in college and working at a Global Fortune 200 company sounds like the ideal Indian dream, and it isn’t merely a dream anymore for Avantika Nimje, a final year engineering student. How does an intern spends her first day at Qualcomm? or What essential skills are needed to get an internship at Qualcomm? Here are some interesting insights from Avantika you might want to know, before starting your internship.

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