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Sushma K, BVRIT student, Internship at Amazon

Pursuing B. Tech from BVRIT College of Engineering, Hyderabad Sushma K, is a NTAT certified student. She exhibits an array of skills which involve Core Java, Python, Photoshop, XML and various others. She has also developed a prototype “Fruit Cutter” for physically challenged people during her graduation years.

Q1. Tell us more about yourself, your qualification, your career goals, things you're passionate about, etc

I am Sushma K, currently CS final year undergrad. Being daughter of a programmer, I have been introduced to computers at very young age. Since then I had dreamt to code things to make society better. I often turn cold coffee into code. I always get inspired by looking at Marvel movies with such advancement of technology. My career goals are to pursue Masters in CS at a good international university to develop some cool stuff in domains of Computer Vision. Also, I am an amateur photographer.

Q2. What was your internship project at Amazon and for how long was the internship?

At Amazon, my internship duration was for 2 months. My manager and team were very cool. They assigned me "Metrics Dashboard" - a web application which automates metrics data of my team and generates reports. Thus, I have saved a huge amount of time by automating the report generation. Technologies I have used are Java Spring web framework, Bootstrap, RestAPI, Javascript, JUnit.

Q3. What was the best part during your internship?

There weren't specific best parts because my whole internship period was THE BEST experience I could ever get. I had lots of fun in team outings as well as technical meetings.

Q4. Which of your skills you feel have improved after completing your internship?

I have observed changes in myself in personal and technical aspects. Technically, I became strong in finishing the work taken and developed self-learning techniques to upgrade my level of skills. Personally, I have understood how to work in teams, social gatherings, collaborating as a team player and time management.

Q5. Tell us more about your first and last day at Amazon

At Amazon, we have a culture which was put up by Jeff Bezos (CEO). It states that "It's still Day-1". That is a powerful statement which describes as the technology is advancing day-day, we are still being at Day-1 to the new technologies. Hence, there weren't any first or last day terms for me at Amazon. I felt each day as a new beginning in learning and advancing new topics.

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Q6. Who was your mentor during the internship? What do you think you learnt from them?

My mentors were my manager and the whole team. They welcomed me and supported me in all aspects. I have learnt how to tackle difficult cases in coding and how to write optimised codes which run efficiently.

Q7. In what way this internship has inspired you?

This internship widened my views towards current technology level around the globe. It made me think higher and aspire hugely. That is why I aimed and applied for my Master's course in the USA.

Q8. What would you suggest to your fellow engineering students?

I recommend three things:

1. Work and practise hard, don't forget basics of any topic.

2. Be a good coder (if CS) else be top in the field you have chosen. Then the opportunities knock your door.

3. "A Ship is always safe at the shore, but that is not what it's built for"

Take risks, try to learn new and new things while you still can, be open to challenges and expose yourself to the industrial world before graduation.

Q9. Which according to you are the 5 most essential skills for engineering undergraduates

The 5 essential things according to me are :

1. Self-learning

2. Time Management

3. Patience

4. Spark to learn

5. Aspirations to reach goal

Q10. You gave your NTAT in JNTU, 2015 how was your experience with the questions?

NTAT was intriguing. There were four sections, though the time given was less I somehow managed to complete the paper. You actually don't need to prepare

much for NTAT, but make sure you thoroughly revise your basics otherwise you will end up wasting time on remembering the basic concepts.

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