10 Highly Effective Internship Tips For Core Engineering Students

Core Engineering courses in India can be highly theory based and a little behind its time. If you are an engineering student, it would do you a whole lot of good to secure an internship in a company based on your core competency. Engineering internships for under grad students can provide you with much needed practical knowledge, industrial experience and also keeps you updated about the latest norms in the industry.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you are an engineering student looking for internships:

1. Strengthen your basics

It does not matter what core branch you choose, you need to be good with the basics. They are the foundation for whatever you might learn then on. It is the basics that is essential to apply your engineering knowledge practically.

2. Consider internships at small engineering companies

Don’t just look at big companies. By working for a smaller company you will often have more opportunities and responsibility than at a larger one. There are so many small to medium size firms that can offer you just as much if not more than a large firm with a defined graduate scheme.

3. Non-engineering experience can boost your CV

If you can't find work experience in engineering, try to find a role that enables you to develop and demonstrate key skills (leading teams, problem solving, negotiating, etc) which can then be transferred to engineering.

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4. Be positive and passionate

Work on showing interest and passion. Create your own projects, follow your own processes, contribute to open source projects, etc.

5. Prepare properly for applications and interviews

Understanding your own competencies is crucial. Pre-arrange examples of how you have portrayed these qualities, preferably in a work-related environment. Do your homework by pre-research of the particular sector you are interested in. This certainly gives you an extra edge, especially for interviews.

6. Don't be too focused on applying in your particular branch

Apply to a breadth of engineering sectors – any experience is preferable to none. You may also be surprised and discover another area of interest. But if your skills lie in your major branch then it is best to follow through with the related internships.

7. Apply to as many internships

While applying for internships, it is never too many. So apply to as many internships as possible. But make sure they are of quality – its quality not just quantity!

8. Don’t limit your search by geography

Don't restrict yourself to finding something in your city. There are plenty of opportunities available and a foreign internship goes a long way to impressing any future employer.

9. Use your contacts well

Make use of any contacts you have already in jobs or the sector you want to work in. Networking is important: attending local hackathons, careers fairs and presentations are good starting points. Take every opportunity to network, because a lot of decision making depends happens on who you know not what you know.

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10. Learn some programming (if you don't know it already)

This is asked from most current interns. If your core is computer science then this is not for you guys. But any other any stream programming is a highly sought after skill. Irrespective of your branch, learn some programming basics for your own good.

If you are all set with these aspects, you can be certain that you can bag the internship you are interested in.

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