How to Land an Internship at Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook

If you want to become an intern at one of the companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft or Facebook, then you have to work really hard. Going through last year’s interview questions or preparing a good resume is no sure-shot way of getting through the interview. And what is even difficult is getting a call for an interview.

Your preparation for the interview won’t matter unless you get an interview call. And it is very tough to get one.

Getting an Interview Call From Amazon/Google/Microsoft/Facebook

  1. Find someone working in the company and ask them to recommend your profile. If your reference is strong, you might get pass through the resume screening phase easily. If not,

  2. Attend a university where these companies come for hiring interns through the on-campus interview process. You will still have to work on your technical skills and aptitude because you will be shortlisted on the basis of a written test.

  3. If you do not belong to any of the prime institutes, you can reach out to your college training and placement cell to help you send out an internship application

The Interview

You need to prepare well for the interviews. Instead of working rigorously for a month, it is a good idea to hone your skills and work on your technical knowledge as much as you can.

Coding Knowledge is Important

There is a lot of competition and to stand out you need to have great mastery over at least one programming language such as Java, C++ or Python. If you are a good coder, you are already at an advantage. Write and execute programs for fun. Google interview programming problems for the company you wish to do an internship with and practice solutions for them. Practice as much as you can to make your hold strong.

Learn Data Structure

I cannot emphasise enough on the importance of learning data structure and algorithms. If you fail in showing grasp over basic data structures you learnt at school, there is no way you will get through the interview. Read as many books as you can; for example, Introduction to Algorithms is an awesome book to learn algorithms. Understand and thoroughly brush up your basics on object-oriented languages as much as you can and learn from the chapters on Mathematical Foundations, Sorting, Data Structures, and Graph Algorithms. There are high chances that you would be asked many questions related to linked lists, arrays, pointers, loops, and constructor.

Practice Real Interview Questions

Practice real interview questions from the company you are targeting. There are tons of online resources like Glassdoor where you easily get access to countless real interview questions. Do not expect exactly the same questions but there are high chances that you will get something along the similar lines. You will know about the subjects you need to focus more on and the style of questions you can expect.

Show Enthusiasm

In order to get an internship, it is imperative that you show you are passionate about the opportunity and you are giving everything needed to get a chance. You have to understand that most companies consider ‘interns’ as someone who knows nothing and needs to be trained. Quite naturally they are not as excited as you are. Therefore, you will have to overcompensate for that with your enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Put in real effort in learning and make sure it shows during the interview.

Learn About the Company

Read about the company, its history, its growth and the latest news related to the company. Understand what their business is based upon and which stream would you like to work at. Find a good reason why you want to work for the company and the difference you can make. ‘Your company is best’ is a lousy answer and is definitely not going to impress the interviewer.

No matter which university you come from, there is no reason why you can’t intern with the Big 4. However, it is going to take a lot of effort and hard work from your end. Have a plan, stay focused and show enthusiasm. You may just land an internship opportunity with likes of Google, Amazon, Microsoft or Facebook

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