App Development Internship at Spritle Software

The app stores are always filled with new and quirky apps. Creating apps that are eye-catchy and also providing functionality at the same time is not everyone’s piece of cake. If you are one of those creators who can bedazzle your users with great design and function that has users engrossed, then we have news for you. Join the developers at Spritle, where artistry meets engineering, as an app development intern. Read on to know more.

Internship at Spritle chennai

About Spritle

Spritle Softwares, based in Chennai, is a company focused on web and app development. Their main aim is to provide to their clients the best applications that people love to use. Software is created for people, and so their mission is to provide an ambiance by which every person involved in creating such software be valued. Be it stakeholders, product owners, the end users or the development team, they need professional and friendly collaborations to build great software.

Providing their customers with a trusty team that always give their best is what they aim for. Spritle is filled with individuals who practice what they preach. They surround themselves with positive technologists, business partners and entrepreneurs, hence always staying ahead of the development curve.

Internship at Spritle

Spritle software is bringing you this opportunity to kick off your career with an app development internship. If you are a computer science graduate with the relevant skills needed, you might be the right person to join the team at Spritle.

Given below is the list of skills and the technical know-how, which you are required to possess for this internship:

  • Solid understanding of web technologies such HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, HTTP, RESTful APIs etc.

  • Should be proficient in any one of these: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and Java. Bonus points for Experience working with frameworks and libraries like Angular, React, and backbone.js.

  • Knowledge of code versioning tools like Git. -Experience with JS-based build tools like Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, and Bower.

  • Development experience for both mobile and desktop. Key Responsibilities: Deliver robust, fault tolerant, production ready code.

  • Performs various activities in support of authoring code, e.g. formulating algorithms, writing code, compiling, publishing, debugging, packaging, deploying, etc.

  • Supports project team by assisting other functional roles as needed or assigned.

App development internship at spritle chennai

If you know your way around all or even some of these, do apply at the earliest. Even if you are proficient in some of these skills you can still have a chance at bagging this internship, for this will be a learning process where you can improve on these skills and learn some more.

Details of the Internship

The internship can begin anytime on or before the 24th of Feb, 2018 and can last up to 60 days. The mode of selection for the internship will be through a face-to-face interview and further details of the selection process will be given to you once you apply.

This internship contains all the usual perks including a stipend ranging from 5000-10000 INR. Other perks include an internship certificate, an experience letter, a recommendation letter and also a program outcomes report. The number of slots for this is limited to 3, so apply now to improve your chances of bagging this internship. PS: Check out more App Development internships in Chennai.

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