Intern Insights with Srishti Verma

Intern Insights with Srishti Verma

Srishti is a B.Tech student currently pursuing Electrical Engineering from G. B. Pant Engineering College. To date she has gained relevant experience in content, SEO, adaptability, time management, proofreading and drafting enterprise standard blueprints demonstrating her strong client contact skills and attention to detail. She has taken on roles to gain hands-on experience in these fields, and is particularly adept at content creation and social media marketing. Srishti also holds NTAT certification.

1. How did you get your internship?

I applied through the link at Switch Idea Join Us page. I sent my resume to, and was contacted soon for further discussion. The details were finalised and I joined the team as an intern on work from home basis. I received the joining letter soon and was explained the assignments thereafter.

2. Is this your first internship? If not then where did you do your previous internship?

This was not my first internship. I have previously interned with VSkills through a posting on Switch Idea. I have also interned with Zailet Media, Sparsh NGO, Dish TV and Idea Cellular.

3. What kind of experience did you have during your internship?

It was gratifying working with the strongly driven, goal oriented team at Switch Idea. The seniors were amicable and flexible as per needs, encouraging me to put forth my opinions and ideas. Healthy, courteous discussions flowed and I was close to ‘where the action happens’ too. Decision making was persuaded and the creative streaks incorporated comfortably.

4. What was the best experience/learning you had?

I primarily worked on the ‘Internship Handbook’ creation. There were numerous things about internships that were novel to me, which I learned during the course of its curation. Attention to detail and perfectionism were strived for, with the minuscule of particulars being looked into and considered. I was taken care of like an employee, and this in turn motivated me to pull up my socks and strive for the best with the organisation.

Content Writing Internship at Switch Idea

5. Who do you think was your actual mentor during the internship?

I worked closely with the founder Niranjan Yadav on the handbook. His perfectionism for the handbook rubbed off and what would have a mundane task became all the more fun. Going beyond our best was the motto, and we pulled out all the stops for that.

6. In what way this internship has inspired you?

Working just that 0.1% more makes all the difference. Assiduousness and meticulously looking after the tiniest of details has now become a milestone to be reached.

7. What would you suggest to your fellow engineering students?

Engineering is not just about studying the machines extensively and preparing working codes. As you study for the four years, develop a skill and hone it. You’ll not only have something to write in your CV, but a sense of satisfaction too. Many engineers lack the latter, unfortunately. Also, do not just copy your assignments, the professor knows it all!

8. During your internship tenure, what is the single most important thing that you have learnt?

I was associated with the company for a month. I am glad that the suggestions I put in were considered and a lot of new ideas sprouted as a result. I have thus come to believe that a healthy, open communication is the most vital aspect for a job and a little flexibility never hurts!

9. Being an engineer, what made you passionate about Content Writing?