How can I get an internship at ISRO?

How to get an internship at ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation)

Are you someone who is fascinated by the Twinkling stars and wonder how the world outside of the visible horizon is? Are you a student who is interested in Space Science? If yes, then what better place other than ISRO to plan an internship with. An internship with ISRO can mark the beginning of your journey toward becoming a space scientist.

The number of internships launched by ISRO is limited and hence the competition is tough. To ensure, you get your dream internship at ISRO, you must prepare well in advance. Before applying, find out the nearest ISRO research centre. To know about different centres of ISRO click here.

ISRO offers a limited number of internships for engineering and undergraduate students. Most internships here are unpaid. However, it does offer tons of apprenticeship for post-graduate students. Apprentice here receive a stipend and work here for around a year.

How to Apply

Earlier, the application form of ISRO was available offline. But now, you can easily get the form online from ISRO’s official website -

Post-May, the applications are closed. Keep an eye on the page for next year internship openings which are generally available around March-April.

However, ISRO doesn’t entertain any direct application and it is suggested that you apply for internships through your college ‘Training and Placement’ cell.

The complete internship request can be sent/mailed to HR department of your nearest ISRO centre or to the director office at least 3 to 4 months before the internship period starts. Students will be selected based on their profile, academic merit, university and the suitability for the profile.

Students from tier-1 institutes such as from IIT are given preference. If you are someone who belongs to an average college, you need to prove your skills with excellent GPA. Also, you must spend some time and effort doing a worthy project or have some publication in a research area. The telephonic interview mostly revolves around the past work or projects you have mentioned in the resume.

Through Referrals

Getting into ISRO through referral is a lot easier as compared to the online application. First preference is always given to students whose relatives are working within the company. Also, priority is given to local state candidates. So, it is recommended to apply for internships in the nearest centre rather than going to the more popular centres

Although there is no stipend for interning with ISRO but working with top scientists of the country will help you learn a lot. Most ISRO centres have strict security measures and electronic gadgets like phone, iPad, camera, tablets etc are not allowed inside the office premises. That’s kind of helpful in de-addiction too!

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