How to Get an Internship with Amazon (India)

Internship at Amazon India

Amazon, a company that changed the face of e-commerce in India, needs no introduction. The company is known for its path-breaking success and a consumer-centric service that has made it one of the biggest entities in e-commerce sector across the world. Quite naturally, an internship with Amazon India is highly prestigious for college students across the country. However, bagging an internship with the e-commerce giant won’t come easy as the company is known for its tough and gruelling interview process.

Types of Internships at Amazon India

Amazon India offers a myriad of internship programs for both undergraduates and postgraduate students. While engineering students can apply for an internship in a variety of stream including software engineering, testing, customer support, web development, etc, internships for MBA students mainly revolve around retail operations, program management, customer acquisition and operations management. Most internship last for a duration of 3 weeks and a lot of recruitment for the company comes from pre-placement offer extended to the interns.

Different Ways to Apply for Internship

Through Online Application

You can apply for an internship at Amazon through their official recruitment page. You can log on to Amazon Internships page and fill in the application form. Alternatively, you can apply through internship portals.

Through Referral

Just like in most big companies, a referral is the easiest way to be called for an internship interview at Amazon too. If you know someone who is working with Amazon, ask them to refer your profile. If not, you can search for 2nd-degree connection through Facebook and LinkedIn and message them asking for the referral. Referral help you get past the resume screening phase and there are high chances you will be called for the interview

Through Campus Recruitment

Amazon visits a few selected colleges for hiring interns. If you are lucky to study in one such college, you can apply for an internship through campus recruitment. Even if Amazon is not visiting your college, there are high chances that the ‘Training and Placement Cell’ will have relevant contacts. Ask them to find out if they would be willing to share contacts.

Mailing the HR Executive

If you are able to get the email address of HR through your contacts or from your college’s ‘Training and Placement Cell’, you can send them an application email directly clearly stating your purpose. Write a concise email with a strong cover letter and a well-written resume.

Now that you know about the different way you can apply to Amazon, here are few tips that can increase your chances of landing an internship with Amazon.

  1. After application, you will need to give a screening test that comprises of 20MCQs and few questions on coding. It is important that you work on your computer science fundamentals before appearing for the test.

  2. The screening test is followed by a telephonic interview. The interview is a mix of technical questions and HR questions.

  3. If you are applying for software developer profile, you must be proficient in Java as most of the work on the website is done using Java

  4. It is a good idea to take a lot of technical quizzes and practice old test papers from Amazon.

  5. For the F2F interview, it is recommended to wear casuals and be prepared to code on different mediums.

Lucrative Perks at Amazon

Amazon India generally offers a stipend of 30k/month along with one week of accommodation, in case of relocation. Free coffee, cab facility, Sodexo coupons, team outings, etc are some other amazing perks that the interns get to enjoy. And of course, the best of all is a chance to work with Amazon. If you have completed your project and good with your work, you get to attend a Pre Placement Interview which can be your golden chance to get a full-time job with Amazon

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