How to Apply for Internship at Microsoft Research India

Internship at Microsoft Research India

Interning with Microsoft Research India is a golden chance to experience what it is like to be a part of the institute that does world-class research in computer science and related area. The internship not only comes with amazing perks but it also provides interns with an environment where they can experience working in industrial research and development setting.

Microsoft Research India offers two types of internships:

  1. Research internship where interns work with full-time researchers on publication-worthy research topics.

  2. Development internship where software engineers implement a research idea to develop prototype application or work on independent software projects.

Every intern here is assigned a mentor who works with you to decide a project that meets your interest and match your skill-set. You will even get a chance to co-author or author publications about research you have done during your internship tenure

So how can you apply for internship at Microsoft Research India

You can apply for the internship online through the company’s official website. You will have to fill out your profile and provide your resume. In addition, you will also be asked to give names of few people who can refer to your research skills. Reference from professors you have worked with holds the highest weight of all.

Good thing is that Microsoft research India has internship openings all year around and you can apply to them anytime you want. However, you will be assigned a role only when something matching your research area comes up.

After you have submitted the application, the recruiters will look through your profile and contact you if they are interested. If you have some substantial research work to present, more than one team may be interested in hiring you.

There will be a telephonic interview where you will be questioned based on things you have written in your CV. For development internship, you might be asked to write some codes and solve some data structure problems.

Prepare for the Internship

Prior research work acts as the deciding factor that can help you land the internship. If you have done research previously in the same field you are applying for, it can work in your favour. And publications are added bonus.

If you are an under-graduate student, with no research work or experience, your CGPA, college and your problem-solving skills will play an important role in the selection process.

Interns at Microsoft

Through Referrals

Similar to any other company, referrals have a strong role to play in Microsoft Research India too! If you have someone who is a researcher here, then your resume can get past the initial screening stage easily. You just have to prove your skills during the telephonic interview to get the internship.

Through Your College Placement Cell

Microsoft Research India hire a number of interns from IITs and other prestigious colleges across the country. If your college with registered with Microsoft Research India, you can reach out to your college training and placement cell and apply for an internship through them.

Given that MRI has some amazing folks and research scientists working for them, the bar for ‘interns’ is set high too! Therefore, you need to prepare yourself well and research about the ‘subject-in-hand’ to get the internship.

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