How to Apply for Summer Internship at IIT?

For most of engineering students who always aspired to get an exposure at IITs, a summer internship at IIT is a way of fulfilling their IIT-dream. It is an opportunity to work under the guidance of best professors in the country and get a peek into the learning methods followed there. And earning an experience that will not only add weight to your resume but also help you hone your skills in the field you wish to pursue your career in.

Internship at IIT

Here is how you can apply for summer internship at IIT

1. Through Indian Academy of Sciences Program

You can apply for 2-month summer fellowship program at IIT through Indian Academy of Sciences. Interested students can download the application form from; and You will have to upload the filled application form, scanned copies of mark sheets and a small write-up regarding what you aspire to learn during the internship tenure. The selection is done based on your CGPA, college, recommendations, write-ups as well as the available positions according to your research interests.

2. By Reaching Out to Professors at IIT

Internship under Dr. D. Udaya Kumar (Designer of Indian Rupee Symbol " ₹ ") at the Department of Design, IIT - Guwahati

This is one of the most popular methods of securing an internship at IITs. Shortlist the college and the department you want to intern with. Then search for professors who have similar research interest as yours and write mails to them. You can search for professors as well as their email IDs from the official website of the IIT you want to intern with.

It is important to keep the mail terse and write concise details about you and your research interests. Here is how you can structure your email:

  1. Introduce yourself. Include details about your CGPA and research interests

  2. Why do you want to work on the given subject and what skills you possess that can help you with the project

  3. Write why you want to work under him. Read some research papers that the professor might have written (Most professors in IIT do) and mention about why that impressed you and got you interested in working on the project.

If your email impresses the professor, you will get an internship call from IIT

3. Through Various Internship Programs

IITs launch various internship programs from time to time. The details of which are often posted on their official website as well as different internship portals. For example, the SURGE program at IIT Kanpur. It is important to keep an eye on these internship openings and apply to them on time.

Before applying to IIT for an internship, you must prepare yourself by researching and knowing about the subject as much as you can. You should also spend some time upgrading yourself and gaining additional skills in the area of your interest.

IITs are well known for their Research Internships. Click here to know what value does a research internship adds to your career.

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