How to Apply for an Internship with BHEL

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited popularly known as BHEL is one of the largest public sector enterprises in India dealing with the sectors of Power, Transmission, Industry, Transportation, Renewable energy, Oil & Gas and Defence. If you are an engineering student and wish to pursue a career in related industry, BHEL is an amazing company to intern with.

Internship at BHEL

Unlike most big companies, you might not get a chance to work in air-conditioned offices here. Instead, you will get conducive learning environment and hands-on learning under the guidance of a dedicated mentor. It is more like an on-job training. Therefore, you won’t be getting any stipend but paying an amount of Rs 500/- per week for interning with BHEL. But the learnings and experience you will bring along during the internship tenure of 4-6 weeks make it worth it.

Eligibility Criterion

You must be a student of 4th or 6th semester pursuing B-tech in either of Electrical, Electronics, Civil, Mechanical, Metallurgy or Computer Science/IT streams.

Application Process

A lot has been said about how you cannot get an internship opportunity with BHEL if you do not have a strong contact in there. Of course having contacts inside the country makes getting a BHEL internship lot easier, but that is not the only way available.

If you have contacts, you can fill the training form available in your college cell and send it to the General Manager of the Human Resource Development Centre at the nearest BHEL office. Like most PSUs, in BHEL also the preference is given to someone with contacts.

Interns at BHEL

If you don’t know anyone from inside the company, you can contact the HR department in the nearest BHEL office and inquire about the internship opportunities available in the company. If you want to work with any specific scientist or engineer, you can directly contact him. You can send an e-mail to the AGM describing your interests, past projects and the reasons why you want to join BHEL

Interview Process

If you are short-listed, it is very easy to get past the interview stage at BHEL. You won’t need an interview if you are selected through reference. For others, it will be most-likely a telephonic interview where you will be asked basic questions testing your knowledge about the concepts of the position you have applied for as well as your knowledge about BHEL.

Tip: Always read about BHEL and its products and have a clear thought about the BHEL division you are interested to work in.

Internship at BHEL

Post Selection

Once you are selected for an internship, you will be assigned a mentor and a specific division is allotted to you. You will be working in close association with your mentor who will introduce you to different aspects of the BHEL and then assign you a project to work on. You will work on the project and create a project report, which will serve as the main document for your evaluations. Some mentors also give small assignments that you will have to complete on time.

BHEL provides an excellent environment for learnings and it is the reason why despite asking for a fee, thousands of students apply for BHEL internships every year. The mentors assigned are very well-read, experienced and are usually very helpful. If you are keen on learning, they are surely going to help you.

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Good luck, happy interning to you! :)

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