How to get a Web Development Internship

Everywhere you look, online businesses are growing larger and faster than ever before. Websites have become the most sought after method to launch a new business or to bring a new prospect to existing businesses. Websites promote you 24/7: No human being will do that.

Web Development Internship

Website development or Web Dev, as it is popularly known, involves building websites from scratch using popular tools and languages like HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, and more. These are the most essential skills needed for this job. Learning new skills like these have never been easier, thanks to several popular MOOC courses and websites like Coursera, Udacity and Udemy among others.

If you have your mind set on building a career as a web developer, an internship in web development will propel you light years ahead towards achieving that goal. To be a web dev intern, you will need to know more than two of the aforementioned coding languages, in depth. If you are a passionate coder, with the relevant skill set, preferably a student with a degree in the field of computer science, you can be sure to find the right internship to get you ahead of the pack.

As a web developer, you may perform some or all of the tasks to create and maintain a website. These include web engineering, web design, web content development, client liaison, client-side/server-side scripting, server and network security configuration, and e-commerce development. Interns can assist full stack developers and can do their own projects too, thus bettering and testing their skills constantly.

Web Development Internship

Internships In Web Development require you to do the following:

  • Write well designed, testable, efficient code

  • Create website layout/user interface

  • Integrate data from various back-end services and databases

  • Gather and refine specifications and requirements based on technical needs

  • Create and maintain software documentation

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Be responsible for maintaining, expanding, and scaling of websites

  • Stay plugged into emerging technologies/industry trends

  • Cooperate with web designers to match visual design intent

Web Developers are sought after in every field. Creating interesting and user friendly websites for businesses is the new norm. People from all walks of life and all companies at one time or another need a web developer. So every start-up is looking for web designing and development interns. Your chances are therefore very high and you do need to go too far in search of an internship if you have the relevant skills.

Tips to getting a web development internship:

To better your chances of bagging an internship, brush up on some of your other skills too. A good communicator, who can speak their mind, with new ideas are always preferred over the ones who are only good with coding. Mastery over all aspects involved in web dev can an arresting factor for companies looking for interns.

The longer the list of programming languages on your resume, the higher are your chances. So make your resume appealing with your skill set and the work you have done with them. Ability to work and thrive in a fast-paced environment, learn rapidly and master diverse web technologies and techniques. Being involved in open source projects Like GitHub, Sourceforge is a huge plus as well.

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