10 Quick Tips about Internship

You worked hard and got the dream internship you have been aspiring for. Excellent! Now what?

The fast-paced life in a corporate world is very different from the chilled out university life. And not everybody can make an instant transition. You need time and guidance to adjust to an office’s work culture. To adjust to everyone’s personal working and communication style. It is important to make the right moves and put in efforts at right places to make the transition into the professional world as smooth as possible.

Internship Tips

Here are few tips to help:

1) Make the Right ‘First Impression’

Be professional and take your internship as seriously as a full-time job. Reach office on time and make sure you are tidy and dressed well. Tardiness is not something employers look for in a potential employee. Avoid taking too many breaks. If you are absent from work, make sure you inform (and if possible take prior permission from) your supervisor in advance.

2) Meet Everyone

From your co-workers to the peon, meet and introduce yourself to everyone working in the office. You have a lot to learn and you never know when and what might interest you that you would like pursuing long-term. Even when you don’t work in the company, in the long run, this will help you establish contacts and get recommendations for your job later.

3) Set Goals

It is a good idea to meet your supervisor on the first day of internship and talk about their expectations for you. What are you expected to accomplish in a day/week/or in the entire tenure of the internship? Now think if the expectations align with the goals you have set for your internship. If not, discuss your interests with the supervisor and ask if there is any way you can get involved in those areas

4) Carry a Positive Attitude

The way you do a work is as important as doing a work. Approach your work with enthusiasm and inflict a positive attitude. Never complain about the tasks you are given. Even the most useless task is going to teach something new. And most importantly, never get into the gossip game. Mind your own work and be pleasant and courteous to everyone. Especially, your fellow interns.

5) Watch and Learn

When you start working at somewhere new, it is important to understand and act in accordance with the organization’s culture. Watch and learn from everything that is happening around you. Read all the organizational material and policies carefully. Seek guidance from the peers and when in doubt approach your supervisor for help.

6) Keep Busy

After you join an organization, you may not be immediately given a responsibility. If things are slow, make sure you inform about it to your supervisor. In your free time, you can ask other employees if there is anything you can help them with. Or you can observe around and suggest something you might be able to help with. When you try to break out of the box, you have a better chance of getting hired full-time.

7) Stay Organized

Make a to-do list at the beginning of every day and make sure you complete all the task before leaving for the day. Take notes during meetings and make records of your day-to- day tasks for your reference at the end of your internship tenure. Use emails and written communication for a written record of everything you did in the office.

8) Convey Your Concerns

Are you feeling overwhelmed with projects given to you? Talk to your supervisor and let him know about your concerns. No one will know about issues you are facing unless you communicate about it. Whether it is about projects offered to you, shift timings, or a bothering co-worker, speak about it.

9) Reflect on Your Skills

Most internships have a formal review process at the end. If not, ask your supervisor and co-workers to give feedback on your performance. This will help you find what you have done well and the areas where you can improve. Reflect on the skills you have gained and how these skills can help you move forward on your career path

10) Bid Adieu with a Personal Touch

Whether you want to continue with the company after the internship or not, always leave the place with good memories. Ask your supervisor and other employees if they have 15 minutes for a coffee and chat. Tell everyone how much you have learned during the internship and how much you are going to miss the place. Try to reach out to as many people as people. In addition to skills and experience, an internship can also help you earn people.

Happy Interning!

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