How to Get a Content Writing Internship

“On books and friends I spend my money; for stones and bricks I haven’t any.” – Ruskin Bond.

Words have the power to move the world. Books and articles, speeches and poems- the world sways with the word!

Content Writing Internship

Content is inevitable, and is needed all the more today with multiple writing platforms available. From blogs to social media pages, the advent of internet has been the harbinger of mammoth, amounts of unique content being required today. Content writing has thus become one of the most sought after careers today. And an internship in the sector shall give you an idea about it before you take a plunge into being a full-time content writer. Read on to know how to get a content writing internship.

Content writing has much more to it than meets the eye. You need to be proficient at the language you write in. The spellings, grammar and word usage must be proper. But where would you write the content? For that, word processing software is available and it is expected that you know to use one. The most popular is Microsoft package’s Microsoft Word. It is suggested that you learn a few handy tricks to help you around MS Word as a content curator. Plagiarism is raised eyebrows at and strongly detested. Create unique content, always. You may start a blog and write on any topic of choice to improve your writing skills. Reading books and newspapers is the stalwart of learning new words and phrases.

Content Writing Internship

As a content writing intern, you would be given finite number of assignments/project to work upon. You may have to handle social media page for the company, or write for their website. You may be asked to write product descriptions, or about current news. From fashion and lifestyle to the technical industry, you may get an internship in any of the sectors, depending on your interests. Usually, students pursuing degree in journalism or languages are hired as content interns. However, students from other degrees too partake in the content writing sector. Be it engineers and architects, or science and humanities students, every new head brings with it a fresh creative streak. And this is a highly desired quality.

Many content writing internships are on a work from home basis. You can stay home, work on the assignment and send it to the senior. For others, you may have to turn up at the company’s office and work. With the stipend paid, you can earn while you learn. As an intern in content development, you would have to follow the briefs, as per the organisation’s requirements. This has to be assured that the articles/posts you write are along the laid briefs throughout.

Content Writing Internship

Slang has made its way into our daily vocabulary, and it must be avoided at all costs, unless asked otherwise. Simple and lucid is preferred, encompassing the requisites by the organisation you work for. There are many online platforms offering courses in professional content writing, and you may join one to learn a new skill.

Internship projects that you can work on as a content writing intern:

  • Blogging for company

  • Writing content for the website

  • Journalism

  • Product description

  • Social media marketing

  • Digital marketing

  • Proofreading

  • Editorials

  • Technical writing

Following sectors, not limited to these though, hire content writing interns:

  • Advertisement agencies

  • Newspapers and magazines

  • NGOs

  • Corporate firms

  • Publishing houses

  • Website development agencies

Quick tips for getting a content writing internship:

  • Be articulate and prudent to get the internship.

  • Original and creative ideas are required. Avoid plagiarism at all costs.

  • Your resume must mention about your work experience, if any. Give relevant links and sources to verify the work done by you.

  • Ensure a good grip on the language, with proper word usage, grammar and spellings in check.

  • A lot of research goes into writing a post. Make sure you do your homework and have all the facts & figures when you write.

  • Your content must provide a balanced version of the situation; avoiding creating polarised content.

  • Punctuation marks are strong enough to change the sense of the sentence. Use them diligently.

  • Flowery words entice audience; use when necessary.

Content Writing Internship

Click here to see latest content writing internships.

Apply for these internships and ping us when you get hired, we have a surprise awaiting you.

Good luck, happy interning to you! :)

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