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'You can make anything by writing.' Thus said British novelist and poet, C. S. Lewis, who curated 'The Chronicles of Narnia' and 'The Space Trilogy'. Blogs today have become platforms for not only expressing our personal views, but a prominent step in marketing and branding too. Blogging has emerged as a popular career option these days. Companies require bloggers for their websites and social media pages. And what's better than an internship in this sector! One such opportunity is coming up at Bangalore based Brandshark. Read on to know more.

Blogging Internship at Brandshark, Bangalore

About the company:

Brandshark is a Bangalore based branding and marketing agency. Started in 2016 by IIT and IIM alumni, Brandshark works at creating authentic brands for companies big and small. With a team of brand strategists, graphic designers and web developers, the agency provides services like branding, digital and outdoor marketing and website development. Brandshark has clients like The Times Group, Pantaloons, RAL Academy, Treemoda among others in its arsenal. Creative freedom and partnership between client and agency are strongly believed in. Brandshark is offering a blogging internship to the potential candidates.

Internship Details:

Students with B.Tech, B.A. and B.Com degrees are eligible to apply for this internship. The interns are required to be proficient in English and MS Word. There would be a face-to-face interview for the single available internship slot. The selected candidates are required to bring in supporting documentation. This includes the educational transcripts, portfolios, certifications, reference list and letters of recommendation.

As an intern at Brandshark, you would work on creating unique, engaging and easy-to-consume content, including blogs and articles. Real world applications would be paid emphasis on for the content, which would be used for publication/selling pitch to the customer base. This includes researching and writing on various B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) subjects of commercial transactions.

Blogging Internship at Brandshark, Bangalore

The content is to be created for revamping client's websites, after studying their business, inputs and project briefs. This would be used on social media channels too. The intern is required to maintain records of all prime and parallel requirements in coordination with the team leads. Understanding the client's objectives and target markets is a vital aspect for the internship.

A stipend of 5000-10,000 INR would be paid on successful completion of the 60 days' internship. An experience letter and an internship certificate would be provided. Also, program outcomes would be given to the intern by the HR.

Hurry, apply before January 02, 2018. And do not forget to ping us when you get hired, we have a surprise awaiting you.

Good luck, happy interning to you! :)

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