Gain a Foothold in Video Editing at Pyplyn

Dabble with videos much, do you? Whether to make a video for a friend’s birthday or to advertise an event at your college, if you can make heads turn with your videos, Pyplyn would love to have you on board. Be it professional or just for the fun of it, Pyplyn will put your skills to the test and help you make it big.

What is Pyplyn?

Pyplyn is a one-stop-shop for all your marketing, technical and branding related needs. With all the hustle and bustle going on during the day, it’s easy to veer off the track. Sometimes, all it takes is a little help from a professional to put them on the right path.

Video Editing Internship at Pyplyn, Bangalore

Pyplyn Consultancy Services LLC, located in Bangalore, have been around for a little over a year. With the mission to help clients grow their companies and nurture their brands with well-crafted marketing communications, Pyplyn have helped over 100 clients grow their businesses in a wide range of industries. The passion at Pyplyn is, merging the latest techniques in marketing science with strategic thinking and highly creative executions.

Internship at Pyplyn

This internship is for everyone who have a keen eye for something new and exciting. Pyplyn provides one of the best environments to work in; it’s a dream come to true for anyone who can bag this slot.

During the internship tenure, the intern will be working in teams or individually, on following verticals:

  • Ideation for video campaigns

  • Well - versed with Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Basic Photoshop/Illustrator skills.

In this internship, you must structure and present all video information as per the needs of the company, adding your own flair to make it eye-catching and original.

Video Editing Internship at Pyplyn, Bangalore

Details of the internship

You can start anytime on or before the 16th of December 2017 and lasts for about 2 months. An intern will be getting a stipend ranging from 5000-10000 rupees. Other perks include, an internship certificate, an experience letter and a program outcomes report summarising the work and personality attributes of the intern.

Only one slot is available, so apply now, and increase your chance to get shortlisted.

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