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Before any idea becomes a product, a conceptual design of what it might

look-like is made. This design helps in visualizing the thought or idea of the product. It takes skilled individuals to create these designs; which can, without a doubt, be referred to as an art. And this is a shout out to all those hidden artists called as Design Engineers. Put those design skills to good use and bring out those ideas at this Civil Engineering Internship.

About Edgemap

Edgemap Softwares is a privately-owned company offering GIS, mechanical engineering, and cartography. Their work is driven by vast expertise, advanced technology and quality focus. It's no surprise that Edgemap is growing at a rapid pace, with customers spread around the globe. Their business took wings in 2002. Edgemap is in Bangalore, an internationally-renowned technological hub of India.

Civil Engineering Internship in Bangalore

With the motto- 'Quality conscious' – they architect and deliver services and products on a strong foundation of quality. Edgemap's on-shore and off-shore business models through a strategic business partnership with international companies help it deliver top-class solutions. Edgemap has successfully designed pipelines for a water district in the U.S. and also established a new branch office in Frankfurt, Germany.

Internship at Edgemap

Edgemap is offering you with an internship opportunity in civil engineering. All it takes is the basic skills in Auto-CAD or other designing software and GIS. Any interested students can apply for this internship, but is best suited for students with a civil engineering background.

Civil Engineering Internship in Bangalore

During the internship tenure, intern will be working in groups or individually, on the following verticals:

  • Create drawings and databases

  • Work on CAD/GIS software

  • Research the utilities (water/wastewater/storm) and base map

  • Work on all kinds of maps, analysis, and reports

Utilize this chance to work on real world projects that makes a difference to the world and to your career. Working with industry experts and professionals with immense experience in the field, this is one opening you cannot skip out on. This internship is training and hands on experience rolled into one.

Details of the internship

Currently, they have only 3 positions in this field and that is why you must apply quickly. You can apply for this internship on or before 15th Dec 2017. The internship duration is 2 months.

The perks include a stipend ranging from 5000-10000 rupees, an experience letter, an internship certificate and a program outcomes document to summarize your work and personality attributes during the internship tenure.

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