Internship at Bangalore's 'Best Sign Manufacturer'

How do you know about a brand? How do you identify it? How do you navigate to the store? How do you know if you're entering a washroom meant for women or men? Helping us through these, signages have attracted customers and driven sales for decades now. Be it outdoor, or inside the premises for information, imagining a store without a signage is impossible. Signs may persuade you to buy a certain item (Discounts!), or save your back from a fall (Wet floor!). Signs are an indispensable part of our life today, and producing them is sure fun.

Internship at Aarkay Signs, Bangalore

Mechanical engineers, rejoice! Here is a chance to work with '' adjudged 'Best Sign Manufacturer in Bangalore'.

About the company:

Aarkay Signs- The Sign Factory, headquartered in Bangalore is leading manufacturer and installer of signages for companies. The company has its operations pan India, with over 1000+ clientele, including some of world's biggest brands. The company is associated with several International Sign Forums, and follows the latest sign standards and updates. The company offers services on site investigation and visualisation, consultation, prototyping, approvals and installation all over India, for over 20+ years now.

Aarkay Signs - Clients

The company has been appreciated by Motorola, Standard Chartered, Scotiabank among others. It has in its arsenal clients like Infosys, ORACLE, Symantec, TATA Consultancy Services, etc. The Nightingales Center for Ageing and Alzheimer's and the Koramangala Park signages have been manufactured and sponsored by the company.

Internship Details

Aarkay Signs is offering an internship to mechanical engineering students at Bangalore. During the internship tenure, interns shall develop a model for image processing using Tensor Flow/Keras. They have to deploy the model on cloud, and develop a front end to add training images to the model via desktop software.

The project is available for 2 months, for 5000 - 10000 INR compensation. On successful completion of the internship, the interns shall be provided with an experience letter, internship certificate and a program outcomes report.

Mechanical Engineering Internship in Bangalore

During the internship, you are expected to follow professional ethics. Set your alarm a while early and reach the office on time. Dressing as per the needs of the work, informing the team leader of any delays, and sticking to the policies of the organisation are expected from interns.

The application is out, and the last date is December 11, 2017. Hurry! Apply soon because there are only 2 slots available. And do not forget to ping us when you get selected, we have a surprise for all interns hired from Switch Idea.

Good luck, happy interning to you! :)

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