Intern Insights with Anupriya Rentala

Intern at Progress Software

Anupriya Rentala is a NTAT Certified Intern possesing various skills essential for a technical intern. Pursuing B.Tech from Vasavi College of Engineering, Hyderabad she not only loves coding but also she is engaged in various sports like Squash and Throwball.

1. Where did you do your internship?

I did my internship at Progress Software. It’s a product based MNC which has one of its branches at Hyderabad

2. How did you get your internship?

I got my internship through my college. Progress came down to my college and conducted a ‘hackathon’, i.e an online coding test which consisted of three questions. We had three hours to execute our code and successfully pass it against their test cases. Students who managed to do this in half the given time where shortlisted.

We were then called to their office where they conducted a technical round and then a HR round, with the floor manager. They looked for a can-do attitude apart from sound technical knowledge.

3. Is this Your first internship? If not then where did you do your previous internship?

This was my second internship, before this I had interned with Switch Idea as a product tester.

4. What kind of experience did you have during your internship?

My experience with Progress was amazing. They were very supportive with our on-boarding process. Each of us were assigned mentors who we could go to with queries, this allowed us to solve errors very quickly and get work done. Apart from the work itself, the environment at the office was very friendly.

5. Who do you think was your actual mentor during the internship?

My actual mentors, were the two mentors assigned to me at Progress. They were very helpful especially since I was working on Progresses’ ODBC which is essentially made up of 10,000’s oflines of code and hence took time to understand the nuances. Apart from that, StackOverflow has been an all-time-support.

Internship at Progress Software

6. In what way this internship has inspired you?

The internship instilled a work ethic in me and gave a real time corporate experience.

7. What would you suggest to your fellow engineering students?

I would suggest my fellow engineers to work on end to end projects, i.e projects which can be taken from being an idea to application that is out there for the world to use. Most projects students take up these days are small projects which work fine, but stay on their system. Being able to design an app or a bot or even a website, which is put up on the cloud for everyone to use, makes an applicant stand out. It also adds credibility to a coder.

8. During the XX no. of days in the company, what is the single most important thing that you have learnt?

I interned for about 75 days. During this time I learnt the idea of ‘being your own company’. This is an idea I was introduced to at a mentorship, which I put into practice at Progress. The idea of ‘being your own company’ is having your brand, personality, positive attitude that reflects in how you do your work. Like any company, one needs to work out problems and show results.

Internship at Progress Software

9. Seeing yourself doing something different from your fellow classmates, what is that one thing you think you did differently than others?

Like I said, whatever project I took up, I valued the time and work I was putting into it. With every project, I tried to make a product that would help others or take me towards realising a bigger project. As a result, I have a website, a bot and an android app up and running.

10. When did you give appear for NTAT exam and how was your experience in answering the ticklish questions?

I appeared for NTAT exams on September 20th, 2015. It was a standard test, with good questions. It covered the topics you would expect an aptitude test to cover.

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