Full Stack Development Internship at Gurupriyam Labs

Elon Musk; Mark Zuckerberg; Sheryl Sandberg; these are some of the greatest innovators of our time. They are the pioneers of some of the most exceptional Fortune 500 organisations today because of their vision and their out-of-the-box ideas. Gurupriyam Innovation Labs aims to discover and bring up one such brilliant mind. And you could be one among them! If you have the skills and plan to become a full stack developer, then this internship is for you.

Ideate. Explore. Create. Celebrate.

Gurupriyam Innovation Labs is a Creative Technology Innovation company which specializes the art of next gen story telling through use of design, art and technology. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Bangalore, this organisation is driven by play school mind-set to explore new boundaries and new possibilities. Gurupriyam creates unique experiential solutions for brands, clients and consumers.

At Gurupriyam, the team believes that everyone is a born artist and needs a space to explore the artist in you. Here you’ll find yourself working with artists from diverse background ranging from creative developers, electronic hobbyist, mechanics, 3d artists, animators, light & sound engineers, bakers, chefs, musicians, film makers… You will get to soak your hands on latest evolving trends and technologies in a collaborative, challenging environment.

Internship at Gurupriyam

The internship programs at Gurupriyam are for those who are makers, dare to dream, seek challenges, and push new boundaries. Be ready to get your hands dirty, tinker, fabricate and enhance imagination through use of technology, art & design.

Internship at Gurupriyam

Gurupriyam Innovation Labs is offering an exciting opportunity for young innovators to show off their ideas and skills as a full stack developer. During the internship tenure, intern will be working individually or in groups, on following verticals:

  • Work on POC

  • Work on live projects

  • Work on phygital (physical and digital) activation projects

An internship at Gurupriyam will broaden your spectrum of knowledge. Working with some of the most advanced minds of the time, you will be introduced to newer and better technological advancements of the future.

Details of the internship

Students can apply for the internship between 17th November 2017 and 4th December 2017 which has a flexible duration of 3 months. The intern will get a monthly stipend of 5000-10000 rupees, the internship certificate and an experience letter to go along with it.

Internship In Gurupriyam Bangalore

If you think you have the skills for this internship, hurry up and apply now! The number of slots are limited to two, so the early bird gets the worm.

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