Android App Development Internship Project In Bengaluru

Smart phones today are an indispensable part of our lives. Be it booking tickets for a movie, a dinner reservation, grocery shopping or education, smart phones have proved their worth. As smart phones have become inevitable, the need for applications on them has increased exponentially.

App Development Internship in Bangalore

Can you work on developing mobile apps for Android platform? If yes, an exciting internship opportunity awaits you at Learngage.

About the Company

Learngage is an educational organisation that strives to help employees learn, and assist organisations to drive continuous learning. The company is based in Jayanagar, Bangalore. It has been working on the corporate learning platform, with Android learner app playing a big role with the management and analytics. At Learngage, learning meets engagement and intelligence. It has a central idea of building a strong learning culture for the workforce of an organisation.

Internship at Learngage

It is a start-up founded in 2017, which means working here would give you an unmatched exposure to the real world problems on Android apps.

Internship Details

For this, you are required to be a B.E./B.Tech student from any year of study. You need to have the requisite skill set, and put forth professional ethics. You would be working on developing the mobile app on Android, and manoeuvre your way through its architecture, coding and integration. On successful completion of the internship, you would get 5-10k INR, along with an internship certificate and experience letter. Please note that the internship is based in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The date of closing for the application is November 17, 2017. Hurry! And ping us when you get hired. We at Switch Idea have a surprise awaiting you.

Good luck, happy interning to you! :)

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