Level-Up Your Android Development Skills at Edulliant Technologies

Ever wondered how artificial intelligence could shape our educational system? Wonder no more, because that’s exactly what the founders of Edulliant Technologies are working towards. Is web designing and mobile app development your forte? Well then, Edulliant Technologies is the right place for you to disrupt education with technology. Join the team of academics and industry experts to improve the educational system using artificial intelligence.

Aspire, Learn and Achieve

Edulliant Technologies, based in Bengaluru, is an education technology and services company. Founded in 2016 by professionals with diverse industry background, Edulliant has a passionate team who is focused on enabling “Education with Brilliance” through their technology. The company is revolutionizing the academic space through its active learning concepts and career management systems. It excels in creating an ecosystem for Educational institutes, Government, and Industry bodies to enable skill-building to empower every learner in the nation.

Edulliant offers an immersive learning experience that help its users achieve their aspirations through an active learning process. It’s a first time ever “AI” powered education management platform embedding Machine Learning and Deep learning engines at its core, to enable every student to choose a career and job they are passionate about.

Internship at Edulliant

Edulliant Technologies is offering an exciting internship opportunity in the field of app design and development. This internship at Edulliant gives you twice the chance to develop your career working with the industrial experts and offers an educative exposure for excelling in your career. As an intern, you will be working in groups or individually on the following verticals:

  • Android App Development

  • Work using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS3, JQuery, AngularJS/VueJS, JSLINT, SCSS & NodeJS

  • Be part of the product development team and participate in development work

Internship at Edulliant

If you are looking forward to making a career as a web developer or wish to start your own app, this internship comes as a great mean to kick-start your vision to make the next big thing.

Details of the Internship

Students can apply to the internship between 04th – 20th November 2017 has a duration of 4 months. The shortlisted intern will get a monthly stipend of 5000-10000 rupees. In addition to the stipend, Edulliant also offers all the standard perks of an internship such as an experience certificate and a letter of recommendation along with covering all expenses spent on travelling.

Given that there are 5 internship positions available right now, your chances of landing an internship are pretty high as long as you possess a basic knowledge in some of the aforementioned coding languages. After successful completion of internship, you also have an opportunity to get absorbed for a Full Time Employment.

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