Intern Insights with Gur Raunaq Singh, GTBIT student

Intern Insights with Gur Raunaq Singh, GTBIT student

Gur Raunaq Singh is a NTAT certified intern who is passionate about technology, code and analytics. Presently pursuing his B.Tech. (Final Year) in Computer Science from Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology (New Delhi), he also shares interests in the field of blogging and game programming.

Q. Where did you do your internship?

I did my internship at AB-InBev, one of the world’s largest brewer, at their Growth Analytics Centre in Bangalore as a Data Science Intern during June - August, 2017.

AB-InBev Office in Bangalore

Q. How did you get your internship?

I have always tried to participate in all kinds of programming competitions that I could find. It was during during one such evening in January of this year, when a friend shared a link about a hackathon (a 24-36 hour long programming competition) that was being held by AB-inBev, and applications were open. A couple of days after applying, I received an invite, went to Bangalore for the event, and our team won the 2nd Prize! In addition to some amazing prizes and goodies, one of the awards for being in the top 3 teams was that we would get a chance to interview for an internship. After a couple of telephonic interviews, I was offered a summer internship.

Q. Is this Your first internship? If not then where did you do your previous internship?

The first internship I did was during January-February, 2015 at as a Story producer about all things tech, and the second one was during June-August, 2015 at Smartivity as a Game Developer.

Q. What kind of experience did you have during your internship?

I really enjoyed all the challenging aspects of the internship. Coming from a programming background, I had little knowledge about Data Analytics and Machine Learning and so, everyday was an opportunity to learn something new. As part of the people’s analytics team, I learned a lot about what attracts people to work at companies and what factors make them stay for long, and how small efficiencies in the hiring process can hugely benefit Fortune 500 companies in saving money and time over a period of time.

Outside the office, I loved exploring the beautiful city of Bangalore, enjoyed the nightlife, and had an amazing trekking experience.

Q. Who do you think was your actual mentor during the internship?

I believe everyone at the office, from the new joinees to my managers have been a mentor to me during my internship as all of them came from different backgrounds and experiences which helped me learn a lot of things about the analytics industry.

Q. In what way this internship has inspired you?

This internship has inspired me learn more about the various applications of Machine Learning and how they can help solve problems that a lot of businesses face on a regular basis.

Data Science Internship

Q. What would you suggest to your fellow engineering students?

Start exploring. Whether you are studying at an IIT or any Tier-2/3 college, you can achieve whatever goal you want to. Compete on online websites like CodeChef, solve problems on Kaggle, contribute to Open Source projects or start doing one of 1000s of free MOOCs available online. One that I enjoy most is attending Hackathons, which are not just great for the amazing prizes that are to be won, but are one of the best ways to grow your network, meet like minded people, get job/internship offers from the companies present and most importantly, have a great time with friends.

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