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Wind turbines, underwater technology, EV charging stations; sounds exciting! Right? Imagine how exciting it would be to work in a company that aims at developing a sea surface vehicle?

Dravak Technologies Provides Platform for Installing and Managing EV charge stations

Dravak Technologies – A Company That Provides Renewable Energy Solutions,

Dravak Technologies is an IIT Madras incubated startup that aims at providing renewable energy solutions from unique and innovative wind turbines. Currently, the dynamic engineers at Dravak are focused on providing design, analysis and testing services for the prediction and reduction of underwater noise levels for marine and defence industry.

The company aims to develop an underwater and sea surface vehicle that will also be able to provide hydro-graphic surveys and other applications in harbours and inland waters. With their products ‘Charging Station’ and ‘Wind Farms’, the company helps in proper data analysis, cost savings and reduced carbon emission for EV charge stations and wind turbine energy generation.

Internship at Dravak Technologies

Remotely operated underwater vehicle

Dravak Technology is offering an internship opportunity in the field of mechanical engineering. If you are a mechanical engineering student, this is a wonderful opportunity that will help you gain insight on various aspects of design and manufacturing. Under the internship, you will be working in groups or individually to:

  • Help in designing of remotely operated underwater vehicle

  • Assist in manufacturing and assembling

  • Assist in testing and maintenance

If you are looking forward to making a career in mechanical engineering or wish to make a difference by working on renewable source of energy, this internship comes as a great mean to kickstart your learning.

Details of the Internship

Mechanical Engineering Internship at Dravak Technologies

Given that there are 5 internship positions available right now, your chances of landing an internship are pretty high as long as you possess a keen interest in mechanical engineering. The expected length of this internship is six months (preferred, not mandatory).

The company offers a stipend of Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 INR per month in addition to a certificate, a letter of recommendation, and a chance to get a pre-placement offer if you prove your ability during the internship. With 5 days working module and informal dress code, the atmosphere at Dravak Technologies office is cool and relaxed making it easier for you to make a seamless transaction from college to corporate environment.

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