Front-end and Back-end Development Internship at DoSelect

Web Development Internship at DoSelect Bangalore

What makes a business successful? The right people! And how can you find the right people? The one with a rich (on paper) CV? Or the one with an excellent communication? How will you judge the technical ability of the candidate? Of course you can ask few technical questions during the interview but is that enough?

For anyone going through this dilemma, DoSelect is here to help.

What is DoSelect?

DoSelect is the next generation assessment platform that helps companies in identifying the best talents. It has created an evaluation engine that tests a candidate’s technical ability through coding assessments. DoSelect suite offers coding assessments in more than 24 programming language, 15 application framework and 2 operating systems.

The assessment test the candidate on code quality score, language construct ability, and secondary skills possessed and gauge the candidate’s competency for the role. There are custom coding assessments for campus and lateral recruitment. All of this can be handled by the employers themselves with complete super user and network access.

The Company Offers not just hiring solutions but end-to-end employee engagement

Working at DoSelect Office in Bangalore

Continuous learning is very important for an employee to be industry-ready and to be able perform to his capability. DoSelect provides end-to-end employee engagement solutions with continuous and ad-hoc learning and performance measurement. . And if you are passionate about development or an aspiring developer, you can create your own profile at DoSelect to level up your skills, showcase your talent and get hired.

Multiple internship opportunities at DoSelect

Technical Internship at DoSelect Bangalore

SwitchIdea brings to you not one but multiple internship opportunities at DoSelect in both Backend and Front-end development. Starting between 15th to 30th September 2017, both these internship opportunities are open to undergraduates pursuing any degree or course as long as they have the relevant skills and interest.

Your take away From the Internship

As a Backend intern at DoSelect (Axilly Labs Pvt. Ltd.) you will be responsible for building the core applications that power the DoSelect platform as well as designing internal and public facing REST APIs for various components of the platform.

The Front-end development internship candidate should possess a great sense of design as he/she will be the one handling the designing part for DoSelect platform. An intern applicant should also have good knowledge of colours, fonts and the ability to put white-spaces correct.

Front-end development internship at DoSelect

The interns will receive a stipend of 5000-10000 rupees per month in addition to the standard intern perk including a certificate and an experience letter. You will get a chance to work in close co-ordination with the team that assess candidate’s competency and may surely learn a thing or two about both technology as well as hiring. Clearly, an opportunity too good to miss!

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