Arduino Programming Internship at GeekSynergy

Arduino Programming Internship at GeekSynergy Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Who wouldn’t like to be a part of the team that works to solve real-life problems? Well, that is exactly what the team of passionate engineers and product designers at GeekSynergy do. And you can be a part of this dynamic team by applying for Arduino Programming Internship at GeekSynergy Technologies.

A Vision to Make a Change

GeekSynergy Team with President of India

From honourable President of India to state government, they have been facilitated by many for their out-of-the-box thinking and innovative product ideas. They are GeekSynergy Technologies, a Bangalore based company that was born as a result of the common vision of founders who believe in using technology to serve mankind. The founders are innovators with rich experience in Research and Development and have a proven track record in research publishing and patenting.

With innovations like AirPaper, FirstLight, Dancing Frame and Dancing Placard in their bag, they have delivered products in the past that helps customers in their day-to-day life and strive to make even better and revolutionary products in the future. They have the vision to make a change and as an intern here you too can be a part of the change.

Technical Projects at GeekSynergy

GeekSynergy Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is offering an exciting internship opportunity in the field of Arduino Programming. As an Arduino programming intern, you will be given chance to work on real projects and learn the basics as well as tiny details of the programming language. You will be working in groups of experts to learn the nuances of Arduino programming. If your vision is to make the next big thing, this internship might help you get started.

Details of the Internship

The internship that begins between 14th-31st September 2017 has a flexible duration of 6 months. The selected intern will get a monthly stipend of 5000-10000 rupees. In addition to the stipend, GeekSynergy also offers all the standard perks of an internship such as an experience certificate and a letter of recommendation

Adriuno Programming Internship Project

The educational criterion for the internship is pretty flexible and anyone pursuing any degree but having relevant skills and interest can apply for the position. However, an applicant having prior knowledge of Arduino programming and basic electronic ideas will be given preference.

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