‘Conquer the Sky’ by Interning in Aerospace Engineering Domain

Drones have always been a subject of fascination among millennial. From filming of aerial shots to spraying of pesticides, from intelligence gathering at international borders to agricultural land monitoring, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or drones have taken our lives for a ride and how. Imagine getting a chance to intern with Edall Systems, a pioneer in the field of Drone Technology.

Internship Opportunity in Aerospace Engineering Company

Market Leader in UAV Design and Manufacturing

With reputed clients like Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and National Aerospace Labs (NAL) in its bag, Edall Systems is a leading name in the world of aerospace engineering service. Founded in 2011 by ex-NAL engineer Pritam Ashutosh Sahu, the company specializes in the field of UAV design and manufacturing. It was started as an aviation training facility for colleges and hobbyists in Bengaluru. The company now provides industry-oriented training of UAVs for engineering students and builds and supplies UAV components to the DRDO and NAL.

Internship Opportunity at Edall Systems

Edall Systems is offering internship opportunity for students in the field of Embedded Systems. Here the interns will get a chance to work on real UAV designing and get hands on experience in latest aerospace technologies.

Embedded Systems Internship at Aerospace Engineering Company

During the internship tenure, the intern will be programming on STM32 controller items with different peripherals along with providing support for other ongoing projects.

Hands on Learning & Lucrative Perks

Starting between 06th Sep'17 and 22nd Sep'17, the internship has duration of 3 months, which is flexible to match your availability. As long as candidate possesses the right skills and is able to prove his candidature, the educational eligibility criterion is pretty flexible. All you need is a passion for learning in the field of embedded technologies and aerospace engineering to be able to get one of the two internships positions available at the moment.

A good stipend of Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 along with valuable exposure to the latest technologies, flexible work hours, informal dress code and other standard perks makes it a great internship opportunity. Do not miss the chance to work with a dynamic team of world-class engineers in the field of Unmanned Micro Aerial Vehicles.

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