Intern Insights with Ishita Bhadoria

1. Tell us more about you, your interests, your college and things you're passionate about

I am a final year student pursuing Computer Science Engineering from Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Madhya Pradesh. I have been an active part of the Jaypee Youth Club and have held the post of Cultural Secretary and Sponsorship Incharge.I enjoy encountering how , what and why of the surroundings.

I love listening to music , playing guitar and engage in outdoor sports.

2. When did you give appear for NTAT exam and how was your experience in answering the ticklish questions?

I didn't, but would love to. I have heard many positive reviews about the exam and looking forward to appear for the same this year.

3. What made you apply to Business Co-ordinator Internship at Switch Idea?

On Switch Idea's Facebook page there was this contest run by them, wherein it was mentioned that the first person to give a correct answer will get a verified internship in 48 hours. Well I gave it a try and got very lucky to have an opportunity to work with Switch Idea itself. They asked me my interests and assigned the tasks to me accordingly. I loved the work profile and the whole idea of working at Switch Idea exhilarated me.

Business Development Internship

4. Tell us more about your internship.

While working at Switch Idea, I got to learn many new strategies of Business development. Also the entire team is very enthusiastic, dedicated and supportive. I not only gained experience but also got in touch with really affirmative and constructive people.

5. How do you think that this internship will add a valuable experience to your career?

The internship provided me with a deep insight of work culture, ethics and working with deadlines. It certainly has added to my learning experience and I believe will give me an edge over my colleagues.

6. What tips would you give to students pursuing their Engineering?

Engineering in my opinion is not restricted to bookish knowledge itself, rather it requires deep practical learning with implementation of learned subjects. Apart from this, one needs to be confident and bold when it comes to presenting yourself to corporate houses.

And to achieve both, doing internship during your pre-graduation years is highly recommended. These internships not only enhance your technical skills but also polish you as a future employee of a company. Make the best of the available opportunities.

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