Intern Insights with Harsh Shah, IIT-KGP Student

Harsh Shah, IIT KGP

1. Tell us more about you, your interests, your college and things you're passionate about

I am Harsh Shah, a final year UG student from the Department of Biotechnology at IIT Kharagpur. My interests involve from a plethora of things ranging from Analytics to Convincing. I am a avid reader and a passionate teacher too... Besides that, I can be found managing events, analysing sports events and Mathematics seems to be my true love

2. What made you apply to Business Co-ordinator Internship at Switch Idea?

I had my official Internship (by official I mean it would be graded and thus, a part of my curriculum) in the Summers of 2017 and thus began my voyage to search for a suitable internship. I also wanted to learn quite a lot from this internship and the best way to learn Management and Operations is joining a startup. Since I was from Mumbai, I wanted to look for an internship in Mumbai itself (don't ask how much I regretted it seeing my three friends enjoying in Bangalore).

I applied for 5 companies and I got offers from 3 companies. But Switch Idea amazed me in their selection process. I got a call from the CEO of Switch Idea at around 12.30 am the day I had applied. I had gone for a movie and thus, was luckily awake (I am not at all a nocturnal guy and u can expect a no-reply after 10.30pm). I had a discussion with the CEO at that time and thus began my screening which continued for around 10 days where I was given quite a few tasks pertaining to management, content writing, digital marketing to name a few. I did well in some and scrapped in a few.

Finally I got an offer from Switch Idea and I was too glad to join because of my personal interaction with the CEO of the Company as a Business Co-ordinator.

3. Tell us more about your internship.

During my two months Internship at Switch Idea, I was involved in three main facets: Digital Marketing, Business Analytics and Operations Strategist. Directly being under the CEO of the startup enabled me to learn and execute everything from scratch. I basically learnt what it takes to run a company (which I wanted to).

Besides learning, I had quite a lot of fun there. We used to have some official meetings with clients at CCD and coffee outlets near our office. And never was I considered an intern during my tenure. All my suggestions and analysis (some were quite nerdy) were met with appreciation and amaze.

4. How do you think that this internship will add a valuable experience to your career?

I am looking forward to pursue Management Studies in near future and this internship experience will not only help me achieve good grades in my subject of Industrial Training, but also add a valuable merit to my Curriculum Vitae.

Most of all, this experience has given me a confidence to pursue my passion and even before I finished my internship here, I already started working with another company as a Sports Analyst and Sports Event Strategist.

5. What tips would you give to students pursuing their Engineering?

My only suggestion is: Be clear of what you want in the next five years and be ready to work hard and sincerely to achieve that.

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