Important Documents to Have Before Starting Your Internship

There are thousands of websites, blogs, and guides written on how to land a good internship. Chances are, you’ve heard or you know about most of the advice these guides offer. The majority of these guides are focused on telling you how to get a gig, but none of the guide tells you how to land ‘the’ gig.

You are looking for the internships that not only pay you a substantial stipend but also take you up the elevator to the corporate penthouse. But how can you get THOSE internships? With every good internship positions receiving a huge volume of resumes, how will you make yourself stand out? What will you do to ensure that the employer picks your resume out of the pile?

Today's post will give you the answer. With our experience helping thousands of students get verified internships, our placement team has curated a list of important documents you should be having before starting your internship.

1. Permission Letter from HOD

Permission Letter from HOD

Of course, you need permission to be away from college for the tenure of your internship. Therefore, NOC letter from college authority for an internship is a must-have document so that you can intern with the company without falling short on attendance. If you are selected for an internship, use the sample permission letter and get it signed by your Head Of Department (HOD), Training & Placement Officer (TPO) or the Principal. In addition to getting permission from college, the letter also acts as a paper record of the internship for the college.

2. Letter of Recommendation (LOR) For Internship

Recommendation Letter for Internship

Having a recommendation letter signed and stamped by your Head of Department or College Principle works in favour of your internship candidature. This adds more weightage to your resume and gives you an edge over your competition. Check the sample recommendation letter for internship to understand how to craft a strong and precise recommendation letter without overdoing it. Note: Recommendation Letter should be signed and stamped by your Head of Department or College Principal.

3. Statement of Purpose (SOP) for an Internship

Statement of Purpose (SOP) for an Internship

Many employers or internships need you to write an essay on why you’re interested in interning for their company or the role you are applying. If a company hasn’t asked this, it is always beneficial that you provide a statement of your purpose anyway. It is the only document that you have free reign to write what you like and to persuade them to take you.

Check out this sample Statement of Purpose (SOP) letter for an Internship where the student Tulsi clearly specifies why she has a deep seated interest in the area of the internship.

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