Intern Insights with Mandeep Singh Chawla, GTBIT Student

Mandeep Singh Chawla, a NTAT certified student, shares insights about his internship at Goals101, a Delhi based Fintech company. His dedication and passion towards gaining market experience is clearly reflected by the fact that he skipped engineering internships and rather opted for more challenging exposure by joining a sales and marketing domain.

1. Tell us more about you, your interests, your college and things you're passionate about​

Hello, I am about to start my 3rd year as an engineering student. I am pursuing Computer Science Engineering from GTBIT, Delhi. One thing I want to say about myself is that I always like to explore new things and there are many things that I have learnt about which I wasn't aware existed. Whenever I get to see something new, I believe in it only when there is some science behind it.

2. When did you appear for NTAT exam and how was your experience in answering the ticklish questions?

I appeared for NTAT in 2016 when it was held NSIT, Delhi. The exam was extremely challenging. There were many ticklish questions , whether it was mathematical or be about fellow colleagues.

I found that questions regarding colleagues were difficult than mathematical ones, though I did some silly mistakes in them. Overall , it was an amazing experience appearing for it. I really liked it.

3. What made you apply to the Internship at Goals 101?

The portfolio and work history of Goals101 team was what made me apply to their internship. I wanted to explore, how a fin-tech organisation actually works. Apart from this, I was strongly motivated by the founding team's background, which was another reason on why I specifically applied to this internship.

4. Tell us more about your internship

The team is very passionate and always ready to help in whatever doubts I have. Just over a short span of few weeks, I've learnt many new things apart from my day-to-day responsibilities. Every piece of my work is not only challenging, but also quite interesting. During the leisure time we also play Football & Table-Tennis. I think this internship is so far the best internships I'm doing in my degree. There is nothing comparable to real world experience!

5. How do you think that this internship will add a valuable experience to your career?

An internship let's you explore many fields. From my time as an intern, I have gained knowledge, contacts, experience, and most importantly confidence in my abilities as a student and as a valuable member of the workforce.

My internship made me learn about new things like sales backend, data analytics, lead generation, administration, work commitments and much more.

Internship at Goals101

6. What tips would you give to students pursuing their Engineering?

One thing I want to say to my fellow engineering students is that, it's actually true that an engineering student can do anything even something which is very different from the course.

We people are actually versatile and can fit at any place that people from other fields can't even think of.

The point is, we at many time don't have a vision of what we are supposed to do in future, even I'm not sure about where I will be in coming few years.

We at times remain confused which is actually very normal.

Ideas don't come fully furnished. We have to work on our vision. Keep exploring new ideas, stay focused by working on them, and never lose hope even if you have failed a hundred times in pursuing them.

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