Important Documents You Should have after Completing Your Internship

A successful and worthwhile internship is a goal of all interns. However, even after you have met this goal, you need to give it a great finishing touch by ensuring that you have the right documents after your internship. After all, your internship may become your first stepping stone towards a rewarding career.

These documents are those that will help you showcase the experience and learning you gained during your internship. Whereas these documents might give a quick preview to your first full-time employer of your experience as a freshman, they also help you secure the required college credits for your further studies. In addition, if you are still a student, your institution might need you to submit copies of the evidence and the summary of the tasks you performed during your internship.

POs Document

PO (Program Outcomes) document summarises your knowledge, professional skills, and various personality attributes for an intern. We, at Switch Idea, facilitate the NBA defined POs for every NTAT certified student. The HR department of the organization where you completed your internship provides a filled, signed copy of the PO document to you. A copy of this document is submitted to the HOD or principal at your institution.After your internship, you need a concrete evidence of the knowledge and skills to enhance your employability after your graduation.

The PO document may play a crucial role in establishing your persona as a potential employee to your future employer or can help you earn the required credits for your further studies.

Intern Feedback Form

Intern Evaluation after completing internship

The Intern Feedback form presents a detailed account of his/her activities during the internship and includes a feedback and grading from the mentor in the company where the internship was performed. Essentially, this form indicates your performance as assessed by your mentor and requires you and your mentor, both to sign it. This form is also necessary to be created and obtained in order to meet the NBA requirements.

Certificate of Internship/Experience

This is a certificate by the company where you completed your internship and it certifies that you completed your internship during a specific duration on a specific subject/project/assignment. This certificate needs to be printed on the official stationery of the organization where you performed your internship and needs to be duly signed by the HR or a competent authority in that organization.

Internship Certificate Anshu Gupta

Sometimes, the certificate of the internship is required for claiming the credits required for further studies whereas it also may serve as an evidence to your future employer about your experience on a specific stream of work.

Pre-Placement Offer letter

In case the organization where you completed your internship is happy to offer you employment, they defer your joining until you complete your current education. In order to ensure that you get your due employment as per the offer made to you, you must obtain a copy of the pre-placement offer letter and retain it for producing when you’re available for being employed.

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