Important Things To Know About Compulsory Internships

In a recent announcement on 24th July 2017, Prakash Javadekar, Union HRD Minister stated in the Lok Sabha that from now, all engineering students will have to do at least three internships during their academic course.

3 Internships Mandatory for Engineering Students among the many proposals benched by HRD Minister

To understand what this means for all our present and future engineering students, we have jotted down 7 important things you should know about compulsory internships.

1. During 2015-16, more than 60% engineering graduates remained 'under employed'

It is surprising to know that only 6.96 lakh students out of 15.87 lakh students in technical institutes, get jobs through placements, according to AICTE data.

AICTE Placement Report 2015-17

This is why the Union Human Resource Development Minister, Prakash Javadekar has recently let out a mandate for all engineering colleges to let students undertake at least three internships during the academic year.

2. New Rules Apply To Students as well as Teachers

In addition to bringing this new rule for students, it will be also compulsory for the teaching faculties of engineering colleges to appear for an annual refresher course that will help them keep abreast with the advances in their field of study.

3. New Rules also Apply To Principals and College Heads

In a recent council meeting, it was also discussed that the heads of institutions will be required to appear for the leadership training once every two years.

4. Colleges will have to ensure that 75% of the students get industry exposure in the form of summer internships

There is no denying the fact that the students who carry an internship experience on their resumes feel more competent as compared to the students who let go the internship experience or who do not get any industry exposure.

A hands on experience in the field, working in a professional atmosphere empowers the students and make the study of subsequent years easy to understand and comprehend. Internships basically help in filling the knowledge gaps. Also, employers in future choose to undertake the students with an internship experience over the one with none. It is always fruitful to understand the corporate culture and get training in the same setting to get well equipped when out of the college.

5. Compulsory Internship will increase current student placements from 40% to 60% in the coming five years

The added benefit of internship for the students is that they can try and intern with different companies under different processes and understand where their core lies. This would exclusively help them to make fine decisions in choosing the line they wish to take in future after completing graduation.

The students while interning can build up strong networks that can help them at some point in their life. They also get to understand the real world scenario when on-role with a responsibility.

Engineering students preparing for placements

The companies who employee interns have this strategy to absorb and choose the outstanding ones that can be a wise investment now to be the future full-time employees since these interns are already a part of the team.

6. It will now be the responsibility of the college to provide internships to its student

That's true. Providing industry internships to its students will be now the responsibility of the Training and Placement Cell of the college.

7. Colleges will officially grant 4-8 weeks to students for doing their internship

It was not long ago, when most of the AICTE affiliated colleges in the country could afford to give an attendance extension to students during their internship. The weight-age has been always been more on completion of syllabus and 75% compulsory attendance, compared to the practical industry exposure.

Only those students who studied at colleges within these deemed universities could get this attendance grant. This has also been one of the primary reasons, why only less than 1% students participate in summer internships.

Fortunately, things will be different hereafter. Every engineering student will now be eligible for this attendance extension if he/she is going for an industry internship during their academic session. Suggested Article: Government Internships in India

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