Intern Insights with Huzefa Bandookwala

Huzefa Bandookwala who appeared for NTAT in January 2017 at IIT, Bombay is a NTAT-cerified student. Today, he shares his insights about his internship experience at Digital Weblink.

1. Tell us more about you, your interests, your college and things you're passionate about​

Huzefa Bandookwala, Third Year Computer Science Engineering Student

I'm currently pursuing my 3rd year of Computer Science Engineering at Shah and Anchor Kuttchi Engineering college, Mumbai. Though being an average student in academics I do have an extraordinary interest in programming. My favourite hobby is learning new things from internet by reading blogs, tech articles, and watching latest technology from Youtube.

My passion for programming began while I was pursuing my diploma course and started learning new languages other than the ones, specified in the Mumbai University curriculum. My scores did get affected by this but I never stopped learning new programming skills as this is my real passion has been and with this, I aim to be a successful programmer very soon.

2. When did you appear for NTAT exam and how was your experience in answering the ticklish questions?

I gave NTAT on 29th Jan 2017 at IIT Bombay. It was also the first time I ever visited IIT.

When the paper was given by the invigilator I was really tensed because I had never appeared for any examination other than my school and college exams.

The paper was a bit difficult one as I had no idea about few questions which were asked in the paper but I successfully managed to answer them in a logical way.

3. What made you apply to the Web Development Internship at Digital WebLink?

My passion for programming and building websites made me apply for the Web Development Internship. In the past, I pursued a course in Web Development from a Software Training Institute in Mumbai. I had to balance between my institute and college for learning the thing I loved, Coding! The efforts showed their results & since I had all the knowledge required for the internship, I applied for it and got selected.

Digital Weblink Internship

4. Tell us more about your internship

When I had applied for this technical internship, I was eagerly waiting for a reply from the company. On third day itself I received a call from the employer that they wanted to meet me and have a small interview.

The interview went really smooth as I had most of the skills required by them.

Currently my Internship is going really good. I first go to college in the morning and after that I go to the office. Here I have gained practical exposure by talking to clients, knowing their requirements and knowing how a company really works.

5. How do you think that this internship will add a valuable experience to your career?

I enjoyed programming and learned a lot about tech, startups, and business to business applications that will be advantageous in my future job search.

6. What tips would you give to students pursuing their Engineering?

I only want to tell all my engineering friends and colleagues that study the things from college but don't study 'only-from-college' as new things and technologies that are used in the industry, are not really taught in current curriculum.

Learn new technologies outside the classroom

It's time to learn new things from Internet or get courses for some time as you would not be selected for a company only on the basis of college marks. I personally have KT's but I don't stop here, because KTs can be cleared in the next semester but maybe you will not get the opportunity in the next semester.

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