Intern Insights with Achal Singhal, GTBIT student

Achal Singhal an NTAT Certified student. In this short interview, he shares his experience about his internship at Revisewise, the team, the work culture and, how he landed this great internship opportunity in just 5 days.

1. Tell us more about you, your interests, your college and things you're passionate about​

I am a honest and hard working person. I love to push my limits and accept new challenges. I have a keen interest in technology. And by technology, I don't mean just gadgets but also everything that revolves around machines. I've been tech-savvy from quite sometime.

I've always been curious about how things work, what's the process that's making this happen. Which is what eventually, that led me to choose Engineering as my career. Initially I was about to choose Automobile Engineering but Electronics caught more of my attention, that's what I'm pursuing now. It's my interest as well as a hobby to discover about electronics and build things related to it. Of course, college is a place which helps you further develop your interest and lead you forward, and so did mine. I got exposed to the technology in a better way, learnt new things and made good friends who share the same interest.

2. When did you appear for NTAT exam and how was your experience in answering the ticklish questions?

I appeared for the NTAT exam in year 2016 when it took place at NSIT, Delhi.

I came to know about it from a campaign held at my college. It was during 4th semester that I was looking for Summer Internships and co-incidentally NTAT took place in Delhi itself. So, I decided to go for it.

The exam was MCQ based. The questions were not difficult or tricky. But, some sections consumed a lot of time. It was neither too easy nor too difficult.

The overall experience was pretty good and challenging.

3. What made you apply to the Internship at Revisewise?

I was browsing the Switch Idea website and came across this internship posted by the company Revisewise. The responsibilities of the internship were pretty interesting and the location of the company was very close to my home, so it was really convenient for me. I had a look at the profile they were looking for and found it suitable for my knowledge and skills, so I applied to it.

Team Revisewise, New Delhi

4. Tell us more about your internship.

After applying for the Internship, I got a call from the company the very next day itself. I was called for a short Interview at Revisewise office after some basic Q&A over the phone. I gave the Interview and fortunately got selected. No documentation, No formalities. The officials and the staff of the company are really good and helpful.

5. How do you think that this internship will add a valuable experience to your career?

The Internship is going really well. I work for full time at the company as an intern. I am able to experience the day-to-day work environment and what it is like to work with a great team, and instead of feeling exhausted, I'm inspired, excited and exhilarated. This Internship will surely help me understand how companies work and what the company expects from an employee. This will help me prepare better for my upcoming placements.

6. What tips would you give to students pursuing their Engineering?

I'm not sure if I can give some good tips. But, I'd like to say to all engineering students that:

(a) Internship is a really important part of your career, It adds a lot of weightage to your profile. Do at least one Internship in every year of your course to get better experience.

(b) Don't lose hope. You may not get an Internship in the first attempt. Even I didn't get one. But you will certainly get a verified internship sooner or later, just keep trying.

(c) A good stipend is what we Interns always look for because "The More The Merrier" but even if it's less, it's still good. The best part is Switch Idea provides only paid internships to its registered user wherein the minimum stipend for each internship is 5000 INR.

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