Unleash the Leader in You with Graphic Design Internship at AIDI

Even before stepping into the corporate world, we all have made our minds to be a future leader. An independent professional, who is his/her own boss. And what better place to start your ‘quest for leadership’ than a place that screams of being the future leaders’ nest?

From Aspiring Business Leaders to Existing Directors – AIDI is Every Director’s Stop

AIDI or Association of Independent Directors of India is one such Nonprofit Organization whose primary objective is to safeguard the interests of the Independent Directors by providing them with a forum for advocacy, networking and expert supervision.

Adv. Sharad Abhyankar, Partner, Khaitan& Co.

From providing world-class director education programs for aspiring business leaders to promoting leading boardroom practices for existing directors, AIDI aims at promoting ideal corporate governance framework. With proactive training, research, national peer exchange program and proprietary research, AIDI envisions creating high standard of ethical, moral and professional conduct for future board boardroom roles.

The AIDI-KPMG workshop organized in association with FORE School of Management and Employers’ Federation of India

In addition to providing proper form for education programs, AIDI also does the brilliant work of representing issues faced by independent directors in independent forums. What else? The company also maintains the database for potential board ready candidates for independent directors

Internship Opportunity at AIDI

AIDI is offering an exciting internship in the field of graphic designing. As a graphic design intern at AIDI, you will be designing brochures, reports, and other marketing collateral as required by the organization. You will also be responsible for visually conceptualizing and executing creative campaigns for social media. You will be working on your creative skills to produce unique and creative marketing materials.

Graphic Design Internship at AIDI

Details of the Internship

The internship that begins between 13th-31st July 2017 is expected to have a duration of 3 months. The educational criterion for the only internship position available right now is pretty flexible and anyone pursuing any degree but having relevant skills and interest can apply for the position. The selected intern will receive a stipend of 5000-10000 rupees per month.

AIDI offers all the standard perks offered in an internship including a certificate and a letter of recommendation. You will have your weekends free as you will work for only 5 days a week. All the perks including a great opportunity to learn the nuances of graphic designing is clearly an opportunity that is too good to miss.

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