Sharing Is Rewarding - This Web Development Internship Teaches You

Are you one of those who is fascinated by the glam of the cutting-edge technologies and wants to build a career out of it? If yes, getting your first bits of hands-on with the right organization is your first step. Fortunately, India's earliest and most innovative P2P platform for renting personal items, Mutterfly, is looking for the Web developement interns to work on their exciting software applications.

Mutterfly - One-stop-shop for Your Rental Needs

Mutterfly is a unique startup that helps you borrow items from the awesome people around you for a nominal rent. Utilizing a robust technology platform, available as a mobile app and a web application, both, they help you monetize your less frequently used personal items by earning a rent on them. Mutterfly helps connect the borrowers of items, such as cameras, bicycles, games, music systems, trekking gear etc, with the lenders and facilitates short-term rentals of these goods. They are truly taking "sharing is caring" to the next level by making it "Sharing is Rewarding"

Internship Opportunity at Mutterfly

Mutterfly is offering an opportunity for students in the field of Web development, where interns will work on latest technologies, such as Node.js, AngularJS and other server-side JavaScript stack. During the internship tenure, the interns will be responsible for the following:

1. Building APIs for Mutterfly Web and Mobile using Node. Js and Javascript.

2. Gaining experience with client-side HTML/ CSS/ JSON/ Javascript/ JQuery/ Angular. Js.

3. Gaining a Good understanding of high-availability practices in the cloud and the latest mobile and web development trends.

4. Gaining the ability to architect complex applications using frameworks and APIs.

Lots of Learning & a Good Stipend

This internship has a duration of 2 months (preferred, not mandatory). The educational eligibility criterion is pretty flexible as long as the candidate possesses the right skills and is able to exhibit the required technical acumen. The company offers a stipend of Rs. 10000 to 15000 INR per intern and has two internship positions available at the moment.

As a young and innovating tech organization, they offer you a valuable exposure to the latest technologies, flexible work hours, informal dress code along with the standard perks.

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