Top Three Internships of the Week

The past week has been phenomenal. Every day has been exciting and extremely busy for all involved - the support team, our placement team, social media managers and the operations folks.

With so many great people coming together, we're approaching the winter period to keep our users updated about the most important internships from the industry. This was the very reason, we sent our first email to few thousand students today early morning about our official blog.

To determine the top three internships, we considered companies who have hired more than 25 interns in the past and have a 80+ intern-recruitment score. The overall ranking (on a five-point scale) is determined based on the quantity, quality and consistency of these employers.

Top Three Internships of the Week by Switch Idea

This week's list of Top 3 best places to work

Web Development internship at Glaucus

1. Glaucus - The company has three offices in Delhi NCR and one located in Bangalore. The company is presently looking for a web development intern to join their Delhi office.

Best Part About This Internship: Though it is a no-brainer that every new company you join or work at, you learn something from there. However, this web development internship provides a wide learning exposure about supply chain management.

Apply to this Web Development internship at Glaucus here.

Software Engineering internship at Intugine Technologies

2. Intugine Technologies - Currently located at Koramangala, Bangalore, Intugine Technologies is offering a chance for students to learn, research and work on pattern recognition, feature detection and machine learning related to motion analysis of objects with sensors.

Best Part About This Internship: While companies make interns work day in and day out for almost no pay, Intugine is offering a stipend of 15k-25k for their Software Engineering interns.

Apply to this Software Engineering internship at Intugine Technologies here.

3. KOOH Sports - This company is backed by TCS and HDFC, two of the largest corporate houses in the country and has already impacted over 200,000 kids in the last 4 years across India and UAE. KOOH Sports is currently looking for a content writing intern who will work with their in-house development team to write content for various sports curriculum, create assessments, nutrition workshops, and much more.

Best Part About This Internship: This internship offers a fair stipend and flexible working hours to interns. Plus, you don’t have to worry about dressing up formally, as informal dress code is allowed. Apply to this Content Writing Intern internship at KOOH Sports here. Hope you liked this update. Also, if you need any further assistance in joining these companies, you may call our internship helpline number or reach out to support[at]

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