How to Absolutely Win Last Minute Telephonic Interview

From day one, Switch Idea has been consistently helping thousands of students prepare for the best paid internship projects. Our online platform for students makes it even more easy to get access to trusted companies and verified internships. While our online application processing comes with multiple benefits, in the end of the day, it is the human HR who makes a decision on the final selection of interns.

Most recruiters often receive a large volume of internship applications in their inbox and then it becomes practically impossible to conduct a face to face interview. This is also the reason why these employers prefer shortlisting qualified candidates over the phone, email or Skype before making the final decision.

So if you’ve made it to the call - Congratulations! You have stepped up to the level two. However, this stage is more dicey than previous, as the immediate result of your call will either revert a "Yes, you're selected" or "No, we're sorry!", from the employer. So, to increase your chances of leveling up to the Yes bracket, here are few things you should remember.

How to Absolutely Win Your Last Minute Telephonic Interview

1. Be around the phone Well, that’s pretty much where everything begins. Most companies usually give you a heads up call asking you for a suitable time when they can conduct a phone interview. So make sure you’re in a quiet place, grab a bottle of water and keep your CV handy. However, some companies might take the interview then and there. It’s always good to be prepared in advance.

2. Your tone of speech Remember, after all it’s a phone call. You don’t have a lot in your hands except your voice. No expensive office suits or anything. Flaunt your communication skills and give out your personality through your voice. When you speak, let them know that you understand what they’re saying. Use sounds like ‘uhmhm’ or ‘okay’ to let them know you’re still alive on the other end. And avoid ‘umms’ while you speak, your answers should be indisputable.

3. Be prepared for the basic questions The questions in a face to face interview won’t be too different than a phone interview. So be prepared for the usual interview questions like why you are so keen to get this internship or what made you lean towards our company. Keep the answers ready. The best thing about phone interviews is that you can have cheat notes with you and can refer to them from time to time.

4. Smile As mentioned before there’ll be no benefits of your looks or your mannerisms here but smiling works wonders. Pick up the call with a smile and maintain it throughout the call. The interviewer won’t be able to see your smile but he’ll definitely feel it. So smile and send out your happy thoughts to them.

5. Acquire complete information about your responsibilities Before the phone interview make sure you back yourself up about the company. There may be some awkward questions like tell me about yourself or what’s your biggest weakness or why did you leave the previous company, be ready for such questions and you can always refer to your cheat notes.

6. Do not ask for financial benefits Money can wait. Asking for the stipend or incentives on the very first call is not considered polite. Plus, if employer is generous (and if they like you), they will specify the internship remuneration upfront. Most of them do.

7. Do not interrupt while they're talking When the person is saying something let him complete the sentence do not add your own view points in between, you can do that after he finishes what he has to say. Be polite throughout even if you don’t agree to what he’s saying. Disagree courteously. Elegance should reflect in every word you speak.

8. Take advantage of the call Your interview is on a phone call; take the most out of it. Grab a note pad, note down everything which you think is important, like dates or something he mentions about the company or even his personal likes and dislikes, it may help you after you manage to get into the company. Keep your resume by your side because the employer might ask you to explain certain things from there or question your field of work.

9. Hang up on a good note

Before you end the call make sure you say something nice. They’ll most probably remember the first and the last thing you say more than anything else. Also, by the end of the call reach to a bottom-line/ conclusion. That doesn’t mean you ask them if you’re selected, that’s just outright desperate. But do ask them about what you should be doing next if you have to wait for another call or something.

10. Final touch

Okay so you had a good conversation, and you think ‘Phew! It’s finally over.’ But wait, it’s not over yet. I’m sure you had a great interview and everything and you’re pretty confident that you’ll get the internship. But let’s not leave any gaps empty. After you're done with the call, make sure you send them a ‘thank you’ email telling them that it was nice talking to them and how you are looking forward to work with them and other nice stuff like that.

The above tips will also build a strong influence and a higher call back value for your profile. So wear your favorite boxers, grab a glass of water and get ready for the best call you'll ever have in your professional career.

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