Pitching Yourself To The Interviewer

Imagine you’re talking to a new friend on Facebook, and it’s going pretty well but then she asks you the deal-breaker question-

So tell me about yourself!


And there you are lost and grieved and wondering if you even know yourself.

Now imagine the same situation but in a job interview! Now that is a big deal. And I’m pretty sure the interviewer will slip into this question some way or the other.

Employers ask this question cause they want to evaluate your communication skills and scan for small bad habits in you; if you’re lazy or unorganised. Avoid giving out things like those. So let’s train you on how you should answer this tricky question in a pretty subtle impressive kinda way.

The trick is to keep it short. Start off with a mere ‘well’ and then go on telling them about your basic education related stuff like what school you’ve studied from, or which field did you graduate in, etc. And make sure your answer does not exceed more than a minute or two.

You might not wanna bore them with really personal instances like ‘one time I fell off from the swing and broke my arm’ trust me they aren’t interested, not even a bit. Instead, try sticking to the track of the job title you’re applying for. For instance tell them how you were always interested in a particular field as a child or how you always thought of getting into a position like this. So basically answer the question in a way that they think that your whole purpose of living was to get this one job, or maybe it really is.

That’s about it. Keep these little things in mind, but don’t forget to add an original touch to it, let them know about the person that you really are, maybe mention a few hobbies of yours, but don’t divert from the aim of the whole interview.

Finally Its Done!!! Hurray!!

And be confident about every word you blurt out, that’s the key to almost everything. Good luck mate!

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