Kickstart your career in Software Engineering with this internship at Intugine Technologies

The company behind Nimble

Intugine Technologies, a product company, is a team of passionate engineers, researchers and artists who aim to bring a revolution in the way people interact with machines using motion sensing technology. Started in 2014, Intigune Technologies is a brainchild of Harshit, Vivek and Abhishek. The trio met at IIT Kharagpur, dropped out in their 3rd year of college to embark their entrepreneurial journey in the field of motion sensing technology. The company's most popular product Nimble, is a result of their two year long extensive research and development on gesture and motion sensing technology.

A little more about Nimble

Nimble is a tiny and flexible ring shaped device which allows you to control Smart Devices (from Smart TV to Smart Car) with simple hand movements and voice commands.

It allows sports and fitness enthusiasts to control music, and accept/reject calls with a simple swipe of finger.

With this tiny wearable, you can also send emails and texts, even when they are away from the device.

Intugine is looking for exceptionally talented interns

Currently located at Koramangala, Bangalore, Intugine Technologies is offering a chance for students to learn, research and work on pattern recognition, feature detection and machine learning related to motion analysis of objects with sensors.

Other than a great learning experience, here is what one of the recently hired interns has to say about the company.

"While companies make interns work day in and day out for almost no pay, Intugine is offering a stipend of 15k-25k for their Software Engineering interns."

Note: The duration of the internship would be around 4-6 months.

Internship at Intugine

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