NTAT Benefits

Access to good internships has always been easier for those with personal references. Why rely on referrals for getting internships when your skills can do the talking? With NTAT certification, the deserving one always wins.



NTAT certification flips the traditional ways of students securing internships with active, recommended and individualised support available on any device.

Benefits For NTAT Certified Students

NTAT Verified Badge

NTAT Verified Badge

NTAT verified badge is an exclusive stamp that appears next to student's name in Switch Idea’s search results. This badge validates the identity of candidates who enrolled and successfully completed National Talent Acquisition Test.

NTAT Certificate

NTAT Certificate

NTAT certificate not only validates students' employability skills, but also adds a verified credential which proves their achievements to more than 1500 potential employers (every year). This certificate can be easily added to your LinkedIn account.

Priority Applications Through NTAT

Priority Applications

Priority Application module places applications of NTAT certified students at the top of the employer list. This positioning, based on NTAT marks, not only enhances the profile visibility, but also increases student's chances of getting shortlisted.

NTAT Dedicated Internship Support

Dedicated Support

Providing NTAT certified students with pre-internship and post-internship support is as important to us as our technology and delivery. If you need help, we won't reroute you to an outsourced helpline, but instead we'll have you talk to a full-time Switch Idea employee.

NTAT Recommendation Letter

Recommendation Letter

We refer and recommend NTAT certified students to competent HR professionals who are on the lookout for new interns. These letters play an important role in the selection process by endorsing hand-picked students to the recruitment managers.

Internsip Program Outcomes with NTAT

Program Outcomes (POs)

We facilitate the NBA defined POs (Program Outcomes) for every NTAT certified student. After the completion of internship, the HRs provide a signed copy of POs to interns. This document helps students get required college credits for their internship project.

Internship Perks

Travel Expense

These are expenses reimbursed by the company to an intern for traveling away from home, office, specifically for business purposes, like conference or meeting.

Informal Dress Code

Arrive to work in casual clothes that are pressed, neat and appropriate for the type of work you do. Torn, dirty, or frayed clothing is unacceptable.

5 Days a Week

These internships come with a five-day-work week. Interns are given a choice to opt for preferable work arrangement based on five-day-work and two-day-off pattern.

Pickup & Drop Service

The company offers a pickup and drop facility from nearest landmarks and workplace. This is a special facility, which primarily aims to make it convenient for interns to reach their destinations in a convenient manner.

Indoor Games Facility

Indoor games boosts up energy levels and creativity. The company allows its interns to play games at workplace. Not only will this give you timely breaks, but also help you stay more productive and ahead of others.

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