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We know you are unaware about the intricacies and legal challenges of the corporate world. Through NTAT, we help you walk through the challenges and make a smooth transition from college-life to becoming corporate ready.


Get Industry Exposure with Verified Internships

A verified internship project refers to an on-site industry opportunity offered to students in collaboration with an ‘authentic’ company which is registered and approved to hire interns on Switch Idea.

Verified Internship vs. Unverified Internship

Internship Categories

Web Development Internship Projects
Accounts ad Finance Internship Projects
IT Internship Projects
Graphic Design Internship Projects
Content and Media Internship Projects
Business Development Internship Projects
Core Engineering Internship Projects
Sales and Marketing Internship Projects
Human Resources Internship Projects
Operations Internship Projects
Research and Development Internship Projects
Campus Ambassador Internship Projects
Client Servicing Internship Projects
Government Internship Projects
  • Q.1

    What is the duration of internship?

    An internship may last anywhere between a month to 2 months, depending on the availability of the project and the need of the employer. The duration is stipulated in the internship posting.

  • Q.2

    Can a First Year student do an internship?

    There is no eligibility criteria for academic year as long you have the necessary skills and interest in the area that the internship deals with. Yes, as a first year student, you are eligible to do an internship.

Internship Bonus

When interns know that their efforts are appreciated, it increases their self-esteem and satisfaction with their projects. This improved attitude towards their internship encourages them to aim for quality and increases productivity. At Switch Idea, we work hard to onboard companies who not only offer industry exposure, but also extra gigs to interns.

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