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Jul 6, 2017

Marketing internship for engineer?

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Edited: Jul 6, 2017

Should an engineering student do a marketing or business development internship?

Jul 8, 2017

Based on my experiences, doing an internship in Management field (Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Operations etc) is something which Engineering students tend to avoid.

There is a notion of these fields being inferior as compared to Technical field(Web Designing, Android App designing etc). Let me just assert here that This is a very wrong notion


Now I would like to put the cluster of Engineering Students is two ways:


1. You are into core engineering: I mean core branches like CS, Electrical or Electronics, Mechanical and Chemical. (This is my definition of core branches... Yours might be different). After Engineering, there is ample of scope for these students. They can opt for technical jobs and the chances of getting one is pretty good.


2. You are not into core engineering: I mean all the branches except the ones mentioned above.(Civil, Metallurgy, Biotech to name a few) There is obviously scope for them too. But getting a technical job is difficult as compared to the ones into core engineering.


I am again specifying none of the branches of Engineering are bad. It is just the question of scope in future in Technical Domain which is a disadvantage for those who are not into core engineering.


Now the question arises what after Engineering?? The answers revolve around doing a job or pursuing higher Education which involves going for Post Graduation or Going for a Management Degree.


So, If you want to go into Management, why not do an internship in Management Profiles and create a good CV along with Corporate Experience which could lead to a good Management College. Technical Internships obviously wont suit the purpose.


I would highly recommend doing an Management Internship during Engineering Days if you want to pursue MBA in future.

I hope this would help you get a clear insight. For more queries, you can reach out to me on

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