Buzz GRE Preparation Software

Buzz GRE 2019

What is Buzz?

Buzz is the single most impactful software tool you can add to your GRE preparation to increase your selection rate.

How should I plan my preparation for the GRE?

You may have heard that there is no better way to practice for the GRE than by taking a mock exam, especially Buzz (the most user friendly GRE tester). The extent to which this is true depends on how you use the practice exams from Buzz. Taking a test once, figuring out your score, and then hoping that your brain will avoid the same kinds of mistakes on the test is wishful thinking. But Buzz GRE tool helps you a step further by giving you detailed explanations on your incorrect answers.

How many hours do I need to study to get selected?

GRE is not a tough exam, it is not about how much you study, its about how you deliver on the test day.

What do I need to have in order start using Buzz tool?

  1. A Computer (with / without internet)

  2. Windows OS

  3. Activation Code

Selection Rate?

With just one hour practice everyday, you will zero-down on the specific difficult questions, slowly bypassing those questions that have now turned easy. If you commit one hour per day (for next 4 weeks), you're good to get the answer for the question.


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