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All undergraduates run into the same fundamental problems. No industry exposure, buried under college assignments, stuff everywhere. The good news? NTAT solves them.

National Talent Aquisition Test (NTAT)

India's FIRST APTITUDE TEST for verified internships

National Talent Acquisition Test is a nationwide renowned aptitude test helping UG & PG students get access to most relevant internships from the industry.

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Technical/Domain Knowledge
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Why Get NTAT Certified?

Why would someone that's been excelling at college examinations even bother to get NTAT certified especially if they already have a good CGPA?

Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology, New Delhi

I appeared for NTAT in 2016 at NSIT, Delhi. Unlike university exams, NTAT was extremely challenging. I secured internship at Goals 101, a fin-tech company. From my time as an intern, I have gained knowledge, contacts, experience, and most importantly confidence.

NTAT Score is a proof that you're keeping your expertise up to date. You're passing the industry's measurement of knowledge based on their skill assessments of the role where they are certifying the results of your testing efforts.

NTAT is a step closer to domain specific internship projects and genuine companies. I got my preferred Business Development Analyst internship where I would convert a client’s requirements into data which could be easily used for coding purposes.

NTAT Score is unbiased barometer of your skills and things you know beyond academics. I had opted for 3 years module, and got a chance to work at three different android based internship projects which helped me a lot with my Final Year B.E. project.

Market Yourself More Effectively By Getting NTAT Certified. The 90 min test is not only an examination, but also an an opportunity for undergrads to work for some of the best companies as an intern.

With NTAT certification, you're showing the employer that you're a student who has undergone a background verification and your skills are up to date as required for the internship project.

It is like industry endorsed evidence of skills and your logical aptitude, demonstrating your abilities and willingness to embrace new technologies.

Show Your Value Through NTAT Certification. Countless people asked me how I secured an internship without completing graduation, so I’d tell them about the NTAT (National Talent Acquisition Test) conducted by Switch Idea.

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Apply to Verified Internships

Many recruiters look for cheap labor under the disguise of the internship. To prevent exploitation of interns, Switch Idea has a minimum compensation benchmark that every internship opening posted on the portal has to meet. All the verified internship projects posted on Switch Idea offer a guaranteed monthly stipend, experience letter on company's letterhead and other guaranteed deliverables to interns.

 What Employers Say About NTAT? 


Employers who hired NTAT Certified students

Why Do Employers Prefer NTAT Certified Students?

NTAT Employer Reviews

Instead of drowning in an endless chain of emails, this is clear, easy accountability tool for clear and concise communication for talent acquisition managers. Switchidea clearly offers an efficient and organised way to hire and engage interns.

Vasanthi Naidu

NTAT Employer Reviews

While the interns do have the flexible timings to work with us, we always explore options to make their work more productive and value driven. Project duration differs from university to university and Switch Idea serves as an excellent tool for solving the availability challenge for recruiters.

Nishant Wyawahare

NTAT Employer Reviews

Our experience with Switch Idea has been nothing short of awesome. We happily recommend Switch Idea to all companies that are looking to hire interns.

Chennapanaidu Darapaneni

NTAT Employer Reviews

Hiring interns is beneficial for a company. If the interns stay after sufficient training, and are offered a full time role or a PPO they not only get assurance of a job but also saves the time invested in their training. Switch Idea provided us few exceptional interns, whom we offered PPO.

Vinod Raja Nagarajan

NTAT Employer Reviews

The Operations team at Switch Idea helped us in hiring interns right from the beginning. From posting internship to finding the interns with required skills. From scheduling the interviews to providing the documents to be given to an intern after completion of the internship. Thanks to their all-in-one-documents folder.

Archana More

Companies Who Hired NTAT Certified Students

Internship at Amazon India
Internship at Havells India
Internship at MakeMyTrip Gurugram
Internship at HackerEarth Bengaluru
Internship at Ketto Mumbai
Internship at KrazyBee Pune
Internship at Zepo Mumbi
Internship at DoSelect Bengaluru

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