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Content Writing intern responsibilities include conducting thorough research on industry-related topics, generating ideas for new content types and assist in proofreading articles before publishing. A content writing intern is a creative wizard who understands the value of keywords, how the major search engines work and what people are searching for. The primary role of Content intern is to ensure that the client's content is relevant enough to create interest for visitors, and possibly convert them into a customer.


Content writers have a number of skills including excellent overall writing skills in a number of different styles, deep understanding of consumers and what motivates them online, impeccable spelling and grammar, hands on experience with software like Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Interns also need to be adept with online research, familiarity with keyword placement and other SEO best practices.

Digital Media is a blend of technology and content that can be pushed to audience of any size through web and data stored in a digital format.


A career in digital media demands strong team collaboration and a firm knowledge of computers and software applications.Depending on the project, media interns can have the opportunity to manage social networking websites, databases, assist in audio production, publishing, and more. An intern’s time usually consists of working on projects with the purpose of developing career-oriented skills.

Stipend Range:

₹5,000 - ₹20,000

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